Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And This Is Why I Call Myself SFB....

I'm asked all the time "how did you chose the name Sweet Feet Boutique?" The story isn't that interesting, really it's not even that clever...I just love feet. I love baby feet, other people's feet (within reason), and my own feet!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to squeeze in a pedicure while the girls took their afternoon nap. I thought I would share how I like to treat my feet right with all of you ~

Step 1: Make coffee

Step 2: Clean (who wants to touch dirty feet??) and soak


Step 3: Get out the goods, lotion, cuticle treatment, clippers, files, buffer (that's my favorite), polish remover to fix mistakes, and essential to a good pedicure is the toe separator.


Step 4: Drink some coffee

Step 5: Polish, not too thick but don't get streaky. It's best to use new nail polish, so I like to buy the cheap ones and toss them after a couple of months.

Step 6: Take a cotton ball and wrap a little bit around an Orange Glo Stick, use this to wipe away the little bits of extra polish that might have happened off the nail.

Step 7: Drink a bit more coffee while you let the coats of polish dry (amount of coats may vary).

Step 8: Rinse your coffee cup, I'm sure it's empty by now.

Step 9: Apply a GOOD top coat, this helps the polish last longer and look nice and shimmery.

Step 10: Sit back and read (or have another cup of coffee) while you let your toes dry!


Wishing you lots of chances to take care of those "Sweet Feet!"



Lisa~ said...

You are soo funny! I am amazed at the things you find time for!

Amelia said...

LOL, well my feet have been SADLY neglected lately, they deserved some TLC.


Morgan said...

Cute, CUTE post~ what a fun peek into your day :o)


Amelia said...

And what an unusual day to actually sit and look through a magazine while my feet soak in warm bubbling water....even if I did have to do my own toes. :o)


Anonymous said...

Hey, are you bringing that to SLC? Sign me up if you are - LOL!

Sarah :)

Amelia said...

If I could carry it on I sure would. Maybe we can find a hot tub, those work too. LOL!


Lisa~ said...

What's SLC?

Amelia said...

Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going in April.


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Amelia!! Your post inspired me and I went for a much needed pedicure last week. I also splurged for a facial (my first ever!!) and it was Heaven.

I'm so happy to see that you pamper yourself, it's so important and something I need to do more of. Thanks for reminding me.


Amelia said...

Thanks Daria!! I've never had a "real" facial...I should try that. :o)