Wednesday, May 13, 2009

maybe nerves, maybe not.

Maybe it's just nail polish. Whatever the reason, I can't seem to get paint to stay on my nails. This particular self given manicure was beautiful for about 8 hours. After that it just began to chip, mind you, I did use a high dollar top coat that promised in writing to be durable and last for up to (UP to...) 14 days! That "up to" part saves their rear end. Once the chipping starts, I can't help myself... I pick at it non stop.

This is week 2 of self portrait challenge in the month of May with a theme of "Diptych."


This was what I looked like on Monday. Tuesday I went to the doctor and he set my mind at ease so much more than it was. He says that I will have more motion that what I have built up in my mind and that I will recover more speedily than what I have been thinking. I'm excited... truly excited.

I had a good run this morning, and though I am sad that it will be my last for a while, I was grateful for the fact that I will always be able to get back into running... it gives me something to strive for and look forward to for sure.

Today I have a follow up maternity shoot, I can't wait! I will try to blog that tomorrow. Although, tomorrow is a FULL day! I have a pedicure (I can't wait, it's been ages since I have had a good pedicure!) at 9 am, then I am headed to Anthro to finish up some paperwork. I have to make a stop by Whole Foods and get my vitamins.. tomorrow could be emotional for me, I'm just not ready to leave Austin, even though it's not for long it feels like a long time.

As for this punchy song, it's "Kids" by MGMT. I just love the music, have no clue what it's about. LOL

Thank you all again for sending me off on this medical adventure with prayers and well wishes!


PS ~ Win a quilt from Lizzy Anne!!


Anonymous said...

Blessings on your trip. I sent my sister your email in hopes she can send you a quick note about my niece before you go. Oh, my niece is about 14 and my dad, who had the same surgery, is 74. So there you go. Right there in the middle somewhere aren't you. You'll do fine. This blogger will be praying for you. When is the exact time and day?

Greeneyes said...

It's all about the base coat! :)

I've always felt that you would not have as difficult a time as you thought. I'm sure I would probably feel the way you have if they were going to plant something in MY back, but any improvement will be a good thing, right?

We are looking forward to seeing the girls tomorrow. Be sure they pack a doll or two... I know Evy will need some pretend stuff. Taylor got rid of most of her little-girl toys long ago. No worries, dear... we will be fine, you will be well cared for, and this back thing will soon be in your past!

Vanessa said...

amelia, i'm so glad the doctors opinions are more encouraging than you thought! i bet that's really lifted your morale :)
enjoy tomorrow, with its inevitable ups and downs as much as you can.
i'll be thinking of you. GOOD LUCK, honey! relax and just concentrate on healing

jenica said...

it's going to go great, i can just feel it. allow yourself to feel all of the emotions that you need to, but put your trust in god, and it's all gonna work out fine.