Friday, May 22, 2009

mini touch base

Hello again and thanks for the comments regarding my last attempt at posting. :o)

I'm at my mom's now, recovering slooooooowly. I wish I could list some progress, but I am still very lazy and inhibited. I have to lie down most of the day and though I get up to walk, I want to lay back down very quickly.

Right now I have been pushing myself to sit up in bed a little bit and I am at this moment getting a headache and breaking into a cold sweat, so I will sign off, but I just wanted to thank you all and let you know I miss you, I miss sharing funny stories and talking about life with you all... it seems funnier things happen when I can't get on here long enough to blog about it. My dreams alone would prove enough to write about for possibly another year. Apparently my brain is not good on drugs.

Okay love you all, seeing spots... xo~Amelia


Rachael Wilkins said...

Girl, I totally understand the freakoid dreams while your're medicated. I've been some pretty potent "coctails" myself while recovering after a couple of nasty car accidents, and I also had crazy dreams. The mixture of muscle relaxants and narcotic pain killers, however, caused something very close to hallucinations, which proved to be quite entertaining to my friends. They got a giggle out of my behavior and conversations that I still don't remember.

Glad to hear you're on the mend. Hang in there!


Vanessa said...

rest up honey! take it slow...

we'll be here waiting for you when you're ready.

i propose we hold a blog party for you when you're recoverd :D

callmelacie said...

Keep that chin up as much as you can without getting dizzy! You're and inspiration... way to go!

nomi said...

It's really a shame you didn't share some of your drug induced funnies! ;-) Don't worry, you're not alone, I did some very embarassing things after having both of my kids... and I blame it on the drugs! I hope your recovery starts to speed up, and that you're able to regain energy soon!

nic said...

oh sweet girl, i'm glad you're at your mom's (hopefully not wearing her foot germs, though...ha) being cared for as you heal.

i miss you and your zany, beautiful, bloggy self! xoxo.

Lisa L. said...

I hope you feel stronger very soon. You are so brave to have gone through this procedure. Hopefully you will feel much better in a few days. Lisa L.