Sunday, May 24, 2009

sleep is a beautiful thing

This is another brief update, because I am still sitting up in small amounts of time.

I just wanted to share my recent victory, I have switched to the high power pain medicine and FINALLY got to sleep! It felt amazing, I was asleep for 3 hours in one stretch. I feel like a new person after sleeping good for the first night in over a week. I hope this means I am getting closer to the healing and the proverbial corner that everyone says I will be turning soon.

Enjoy Mr. David Cook singing "Music Of The Night" and take a nap, sleep is a PRECIOUS thing!!!



Anonymous said...

One of my favorite songs, "Music of the Night". I got to see The Phantom for the first time in the Fox Theater in Atlanta GA. It was mesmerizing. Since, I've see it in Memphis and in Greenville, SC. After that being my first play everything else fails in comparison. Sleep sweet Amelia,sleep. And be patient. Give Grace to You.

Greeneyes said...

Hola! I went around a corner today (in the car, of course) and I am sure I saw Bubba, and I must say that the next time I need to braid your hair, you have to call Bubba and get his braided too... it was just as I imagined from your description! (teehee)

Anyhoo... Glad you are able to rest and get horizontal in a nice, comfy place with some TLC from the many who do love and care about you the absolute most... US! :oD If you need anything, please call, and we'll see what can possibly be done to accommodate! I'm not THAT far away now!

Luv ya,

PamperingBeki said...

You're kind of funny when you're drugged up. ;-)

Keep getting better!!

Rebekah said...

I'm glad to read you're finally feeling closer to recovery and getting rest! It's amazing how much rest, or lack of it, affects our healing! Been thinking & praying for you all along...

Megan said...

oh that is wonderful! it makes such a difference when you can get some good sleep! Still waiting for that for me! ha!

baby is 6 months and still up alot at night *sigh* - oh well!

Glad things are starting to turn for you babe!

nomi said...

How did you know I'm staying up too late again!? alright, I'll get some sleep! nighty night to you, I hope you turn that corner tomorrow morning, right after a wonderful nights rest!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amelia! I know you are all woozy but keep strong, you are in recovery and that means that you are well on your way to being BACK. So rest, indulge in plenty of short sleeps and revel in the rare longer naps. You are right on track- don't rush yourself, you have nowhere more important to be than right here....taking care of you.

Samecia said...

Sometimes medicine is our friend:)
Glad to see that you're doing better!
enjoying the mattress?