Tuesday, May 19, 2009

trying to update ~ forgive typos and non-sense

I'm on day 5 in the hospital.

My first attempt at logging onto the internet and I am already flooded with emotion and a little woozy.

It seems the fluid around my brain is a little lower than it should be, so sitting up gives me a massive headache. They are treating this and I am improving, but my trials at sitting up have been limited mainly to trips to the bathroom.

I can't even thank you all enough for giving me such a bright and warm awakening from this, it has been a much bigger ordeal for me than I thought it would be. I find myself questioning if it will ever be worth it or if I will have any life left after this, you all remind me that there is a much bigger picture playing out here and I will keep taking this all one day at a time.

with loads of gratitude and love~ Amelia

ps. All vanity is lost in hospitals, and you can quote me on that.


Vanessa said...

oh sweetie, thank you so much for the update. it's so good to 'hear' your voice.
i'm so sorry to hear that these early stages of recovery are proving so tough.
you've got to give in to the temptation to speed up your recovery and stay lying down. my first born came into the world via c-section and i was given an epidural for the procedure. something went wrong and i lost cephalic fluid, which caused those same debilitating headaches you're talking about. and nausea and loss of balance. so i know from experience that the only way that cephalic fluid redresses its balance is with time, a few drops a day (or so the docs told me) and it took over 10 days for me to get back to normal... each day a little better than the last. your surgery was a much bigger deal, so just hang in there and stay horizontal for as long as it takes.
i'm thinking of you, honey.
sending healing thoughts and big hugs.

Lisa~ said...

Good to see ya! I can't believe you are actually on here. Even with major surgery your stamna is amazing;)

It will be worth it. After all the healing and therapy is over you will be a new person:)

and ps. Vanity does not exist in hospitals and I found that out with the birth of my first child!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you. The first few weeks are rough, as my sister probably told you. You're doing fine and it will be worth it. It just takes us longer to recover than we think. Then, we have a good day and WHAM, another bad one. Have lots of grace for yourself right now.

Lisa L. said...

So glad you updated - I've been thinking of you. I hope that you continue to recover quickly and soon will feel stronger. Lisa L.

Tanya said...

I think this is my first comment, but I've been following your blog and thinking about you the past few days. Hang in there!! You will be feeling better soon.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

so true about the vanity! Although I am sure you sport a slick back pny like no other!

I do hope your recovery keeps improving. There is a plan, and it's one that has you in mind. happy thought and lots of prayers coming your way!

The Bargainista said...

I am so glad your doing well, I just knowyour going to bounce back to your normal self!!

Yall are moving?!?! Will you stillb e going to shoreline?

PamperingBeki said...

Still praying for you.

May God heal you quickly and bring you peace and comfort.

And may you get back into your stylish clothes and out of hospital gowns soon. :)

Kath said...

I was wondering how you were doing! I'm glad you posted. Sorry you're having such a tough time. I hope your head feels better! How did the surgery go?

shelli said...

I'm visiting Dallas and just passed a billboard for scolosis surgery and had to check on you. Wishing you the best, love Shelli

nomi said...

Even though all vanity is lost in hospital (and I know, I was as ugly as all get out just a few months ago!) I'm quite sure that you are still the most beautiful woman in that hospital!!! I hope your headaches go away soon!!

Laurie said...

Hang in there girl!! I had the spinal headaches with my C-Sections...they are the absolute WORST...and I know how you must feel. But each day will get better... take care of YOU!