Monday, November 1, 2010

{ deceptively sinister } ~ austin area child photographer

Because of working the busy Halloween weekend, I got to dress up the girls on Friday for their Monster Mash party at school. This year all three girls chose their costumes and it was fun to watch them have precise ideas about how they should look. We had such a fun time getting ready and made-up for the event.

Masyn and Evelyn decided on costumes that were a little more on the spooky side, or in Masyn's own words "only a little bit evil."

{ spooky little girls }

Avery didn't want to dress up on Friday, she preferred to save her piece 'de resistance of a costumer for Sunday night trick-or-treating. She was Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. She looked stunning and far too grown up for my pleasing. Sometimes I am shocked back to reality that she is 12 and quite the little beauty.

{ spooky little girls }

These pictures just show my girls at their truest, silly colors... always playing and having some sort of little show to just sit back and watch. I'll let you all enjoy the many funny faces that I am so lucky to get to see most every day.

{ spooky little girls }

{ spooky little girls }

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful (and loaded with candy) Halloween!!


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They look adorable.