Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{ casual imputation } ~ austin area photographer

Yesterday I had the thought "I think in status posts." Honestly, I find myself having funny thoughts and in my head they are like Twitter posts or Facebook status messages. It's a sickness. Also I have been tossing around the idea lately of closing my FB page and dropping the whole social networking scene. I can't commit to that because I hope one day it will help my photography business back off the ground and I want to stay in there. I just find it a giant waste of time that I can't break, plus, some people seem to just use it as a way to try and keep up with me rather than actually being engaged in real life and talking to me (and if it weren't family I'd just ignore that). So you see, I can't stop 100%, but I have decided to post more on here what crosses my wild mind to post as a status.

A little sample from yesterday's musings...

"I feel mean right now because I just saw a guy in a hat and thought "I wonder what bet HE lost?" Harsh eh?"

"Dear Santa, along with the Dyson vacuum I have requested for Christmas, I'd also like a bottle of Gucci Guilty, and could you please have that to me by Thanksgiving? THANKS! xo, Amelia"

"Because I can't walk in high heels, I will be practicing daily." --- and picture below is the proof!!

{ amateur }

"Sincerity is a rare gem and a character must for people who want to be in my life with any significance."

"Today I look better without clothes."

"Channelling my inner Ali MacGraw, and it's pretty easy."

"These are the coolest kids I have ever met, thank God they are mine."

"All it takes in the world to make me happy... a journal, a book, and a hot drink." ---again picture proof.

{ recipe for rest }

Okay you guys get the idea. I really have a problem. I should carry around a little book and my camera and take pictures and write my thoughts, they could turn it into a scary documentary. No, as embarrassing as it is, I like the entertainment I can get just from my own personal musings. However, it's difficult for others to get why I am smiling or laughing at inappropriate moments, and yes, that happens kind of a lot.

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! You have made it half way through the week, good for you! I am patting myself on the back for living through Spin Class this morning and now I'm off to shower and work a double shift. I love life today, thanks for all the love you friends put in my life and for enduring my silly little babbles.



donya said...

Amelia, you need to get Twitter!

Amelia said...

Sorry for confusion, I AM still on Twitter and FB :)

Dimitri said...

I hope to see your Photography business get off the ground, as that would be inspiration for me. Just stumbled across your blog, and like it a lot.