Friday, February 18, 2011

{ in my world } ~ austin area photographer

Somebody told me not long ago "we are in very different places in life." I found it ironic that this person actually knows very little about my life at all. I've been melancholy and even beastly on a couple of occasions the last couple of weeks, partly due to withdrawal from Facebook, also from pressures of learning a new job and changing my whole sleep pattern (which is getting better and better!). The little "down" phase though, I believe relates to this comment which has continued to bother me a bit. While meditating and really trying to look within to search out the cause for any such sadness, my conclusion is that I feel like very few people in my life truly know me, so I feel a bit lonely.

My life is intimidating, I get that. So from afar I am going to give you a glimpse of the world I live in, and a peek at my idiosyncrasies.

{ mon parfum }

In my world, it must always smell good. The photo above is of my dresser where I have a stash of perfume, fragrance is an addiction to me. I actually become obsessed with perfumes that smell good and it has given me quite a collection of scents to choose from each day, that being said I pretty much exclusively where Gucci Guilty right now.

When I exit the shower I preform lotion rituals. I have certain lotions for different areas of my body. So my legs and arms I like skin firming, and my back, shoulders, and chest I like to use hemp lotion. I have another lotion for my legs and arms that is scented, but I never use it straight from the tub, only after I have dressed as a "re-apply."

Every weekday morning that I am able, I go work out at the gym at 5:30 a.m. Yes, sometimes I oversleep. I have become infatuated with this new app on my phone that tracks my sleep cycle and wakes me up when I am in the middle of a light sleep cycle so that it's easier to drag myself from bed. Even when lots of working out, I feel my age creeping in and I am definitely having to work harder and eat less to try and fit into my clothes. This bothers me. I love to run, but I'm not that good at it. I adore yoga, it's a challenge with my back, but it makes me feel amazing. I have been working on headstands and can now do them with wall assistance quite well!

It seems like every post is about my girls, but I believe it can go without saying too much in this post that they are my everything. My parenting style is laid back but I try to teach my girls respect for all, manners, kindness, caring, how to be ladies, and how to let loose and have fun. I wish that more people could experience life around my 3 girls, they truly are the coolest kids I've ever met (yes, I'm biased but seriously they are a riot).

Tasks and chores bore me out of my mind. I'm trying to challenge myself and get better so I can be a big girl and live a responsible life with order, but I hate everything about paying bills, making calls, changing services, blah blah blah... oddly though, I'm super good at all that. I'd rather just take pictures.

Shopping eases my sorrows. I think that's part of my moodiness lately too, I am poor and haven't shopped for myself in a LOOOONG time. I know it's shallow, but I am okay admitting to that, I have some really deep areas in my life, but I have some that are completely materialistic, I see that as balance. If I ever resort to having a sugar daddy, then I think my shopping will have overtaken me. I actually put together look books for fun in preparation for when I finally do get to shop. Fashion will always hold a place in my heart.

I can sew, and actually I can sew really well. For those of you who don't know, I used to make custom clothing for children. I take pictures. Before moving to Austin I had a photography business that was really taking off. I love to write. I put myself in college when I was 25 and my English professor said she wanted a copy of my first book after she read my rough draft of my first paper, her words still inspire me. I'm handy. When I want to do something, I just figure it out and do it. I like to have polish on my nails. Since I'm not in the bar that much anymore (just some weekends I work to make ends meet), I paint my nails at least twice a week, just something that makes me smile. I appreciate a wide range of music, art, movies, books, and basically...everything. I want to try everything and I find something I like almost everywhere.

Maybe I'm scary, maybe I seem like my whole life is set and planned, but it's so wide open and I don't want restrictions or rules on it, I just want to feel it all and live it big.



Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia, as always, great shot! Can you tell me what filter you used on this one? Can't reproduce it out in Photoshop..... Thanks!


nic said...

beautiful--this photograph, your introspection, your honesty.

Hana said...

I miss Sweet Feet Boutique ;) always admired your clothing designs...they were so beautiful! Let me know if you have any hand-me-downs u wanna sell! Just sayin.