Thursday, August 22, 2013

{ the back story } - yogi. photographer. austin, tx.

You can't hold me.

padmasana - amelia raun yoga

When we first came together you held me so tightly. My gaze you would not allow to drift away from center.
As I grew strong and began to twist and move, you punished me painfully.
I was your captive, you were my anchor.
As we learned to work together there was relief, I grew comfortable.
Comfort lead to confidence, I tested my wings and you admonished me brutally.
Once again I laid in your grip, pitiable.
Perhaps that made me hate you, caused me to rebel.
I began sneaking away from you, in the tiniest ways and you did not even notice.
You never realized what was happening, I was climbing out of your vise.
First one hour each week, eventually escalating to my entire mind being away from you always.
You lost your control.
I have taken back pieces that you once held firmly in place.
I found in my dreams, both awake and in slumber, I can move freely.
This relationship may never end.
I remain grateful for you each and every day, in some way.
You are a teacher to me, you are a blessing, and still I want more.
I want to never be frightened of the words "bend, curl, curve, and arch."
The truth is, I continue to seek absolute freedom from your restrictions.
Come along with me, join me in this flow.
Together we will marvel at how far we have come.
Together we will dream of the many ways we will move.

*My spinal fusion is from T4-L3 vertebra. I have a titanium rod and screws in place. If you think you can't, open your mind to something that seems never know where you can fly.


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