Friday, August 2, 2013

{ it began with a dog } - yogi. photographer. student. austin, tx

There is really only one person who knows the full extent of my yogic journey, and I am not speaking third person. Forever my gratitude will be immense for my first yoga teacher, John. The one person who witnessed my body transform from disconnected and weak into a body that is alive and growing strong.

Just a few days ago at 6am I was honored to lead John and his amazing fiancee Laura (check out her blog) through yoga practice. This marked one of the most humbling moments of my life.

adho mukha svanasana - downward facing dog

I was given John's name and number when I asked a friend about private yoga lessons. I had no idea at the time how my life would change, I never dreamt of the passion I would develop for this practice. There is no way I can know exactly what John felt. I showed up on his porch with quite the challenge, a fused spine and absolutely no yoga experience. He faithfully guided me through downward facing dog (and many other basic shapes that I felt were impossible), adjusting me and patiently explaining how I could activate muscles and deepen the postures (I thought he was overly optimistic). He shared with me things that were rich in worth, planted seeds of awareness in my mind and body, even though the fruit was meager early on. My physical self did not comprehend much at that point. My spirit was thirsty, I was determined, and John was willing to share his knowledge of yoga as well as his time. He gave me a precious gift that would reshape my entire life from the inside to the outside.

Never in those Monday night private sessions would I ever have imagined myself moving fluidly, breathing evenly, and certainly not guiding others to do these things. I listened, I tried, and I rested with a sweet little chihuahua named Batman nuzzling me during savasana. This was my reprieve, it was my water in the desert, yet I did not understand. Maybe John had intuition, because he continued to teach me and share beautiful yogic truths with me. When he and Laura walked into the studio I felt such a flood of love for this incredible couple. This duo of life changing sweetness. My heart swells when I think of not only how my own life has been touched, but also my girls. Through encouragement that John gave me about being a single mom and working away from the home, I really felt inspired to strive to be the best and mot authentic mother and example to my ladies. The lives of those I am now blessed to work with are also recipients of John's faithfulness to share the practice of yoga, philosophy, energy, mindfulness, and trust.

Cliche though it may sound, keep giving whatever gift you are here to share...this is how the world is changed and love is spread!


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