Wednesday, October 22, 2008

big girl panties

I've dreamed of this day, longed for this day, and I am proud and excited to announce: Evelyn is wearing big girl panties! We aren't 100% accident free yet, but she is doing super good. Hurray!

{big girl now}

She did ask me to buy her more pull-ups, but I held out, stood firm, and two days later we still have not purchased more disposables! This is very good news, I'm ecstatic.

While you enjoy tonight's music musing (Brett Dennen singing "Just Like The Moon), have a look at my good friend Lisa's gorgeous kiddos... in photos from a session on Sunday.

{family session}

{family session}

{family session}

xo~ Amelia


Lisa~ said...

OMG OMG OMGosh! I LOVE you!! These came out so perfect I can't wait to see the others!!!

Lisa~ said...

Oh wow I am so rude! I was so distracted by my kids' pictures I forgot about your great news, forgive me hehe. I cant wait till my youngest are in undies:) how exciting, maybe with the money you save on diapers you can buy those fabulous boots!!

Priscilla said...

OOOH the FREEDOM DAY!!! Free from the GRIP of the diaper companies...hehehe...yeah I remember that too, when my 5 yr old, on her own, decided she wanted NO MORE of diapers.

Photo session is fav...the little boy sitting down.

PamperingBeki said...

Look at that gorgeous family!!

Great pictures.

And congrats on the big girl undies!!

Hana said...

Congrats on the achievement!! I'm soooo jealous of the big girl panties! I wish Halle (2yrs8mos) would catch on b/c these pull-ups are getting expensive and she goes through them like they're going out of style! We tried the BG panties and went through 5 pair in 20min!

Nic said...

a solid hooray for evelyn! i absolutely adore her expressions--i can tell that child has got a lot of personality.