Thursday, October 2, 2008

seeing me

After a few months of a break from SPC, I am going to join the fun again. I was weary of a theme one month so I took a little holiday... now it's time to get back in the game and sharpen my skills. Nothing like a self portrait to challenge a photographer's skill, it's not nearly as easy as some make it look. It's possible that if I purchased a remote, I might end up in focus sometime. LOL, such a brilliant idea, but something I will most likely shirk still for quite a long time. Maybe Christmas.... maybe. I have boots on the brain.

So, the theme for October is mirrors. Genius! Mirrors are about the only way I can get a picture of myself, so this works very nicely for me. I shot this picture Saturday, before I knew about the new theme. Lucky break because I didn't have any other good reason to share this picture, but I really like it, so now it has "purpose." *grin*


Easily you can see me in Adonis' sunglasses, but if you really try, you can also see Masyn, Evelyn, and my fabulous niece Taylor. 5 people in one extreme close up, I'm very pleased! It takes little to make me giddy, I'm crazy over the simple pleasures of life!

After many people requesting that I stop deleting songs (because they haven't had a chance to listen by the time I delete....oops) I am now going to add new songs to the top of the playlist, so you may skip to something else that is featured on a different post.

Today's music musing is "Mirror Mirror" by Whiskeytown. Perhaps a little too cliche, but still a fun song for this post.

xo~ Amelia


dawn said...

what a great capture! :)

Vanessa said...

hey it's good to find you here! it's been way to long. is it my imagination or did you switch blogs again some time in the last few months? because i had link that just stopped working!! anyhoooo, i'm glad to see you and the fam are well. and it's hilarious that we can see all of you in just one sunglass lens :)
great shot. big hugs

jenica said...

what a great shot! i've missed you.

summerbl4ck said...

cool idea!