Monday, October 27, 2008

the city beat

just a quick little picture share and some music I love....

My boy, Jon McLaughlin (LOVE him) singing "Beating My Heart" from his new CD...and a photo I shot from the balcony of a hotel in Houston, TX Friday. I didn't get to go to Quilt Market, but I did get to be "press" at a little soiree at a skyline hotel.

{ houston }

This view was gorgeous, but terrifying for someone afraid of heights (such as myself). I like to push myself to embrace fear though, so I did look over the edge, once. :o)

I'll be sharing more thoughts soon, this morning I couldn't get my browser working, so I have to save my "lengthy" post for tomorrow when I have more time, I'm dead beat tonight!



Megan said...

Ok that looks like a professional postcard A!!!! amazing!

CAn't wait to hear about any details you have to spill and of course photos to see!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture. It's beautiful!

Lisa said...

It's so nice to find you again Amelia. :) Hope you had a great time...that is a beautiful pic.


Nic said...

i agree, that's an incredible photo. and ah, ever do i adore that man. did i ever tell you the town he's from is a mere 20 minutes from mine?

so close...and still so far...heheh