Thursday, November 20, 2008


It has been mounting ALL week. I feel as though today will never end..... I am SO anxious/excited to see my sister and niece and watch "Twilight" with them!! *aaaaaahh!*

I haven't read the books to my girls or any vampire books for that matter. However, it appears that Masyn seems to naturally have a little vampiric blood in her... or so this picture suggests. ;o)

mini vampire

I love how she grabs Evelyn for pictures and even though it looks like she is strangling Evy, little Evelyn just giggles and laughs, so happy that Masyn wants to play with her. They fight at times, but it's really special to me how super close they are all the rest of the time. I love them so much.

Jason Myles is singing "Twilight Serenade" in honor of today's obvious occasion!


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Nic said...

i love how much they resemble each other in that photo. sister love does seem to be an amazing thing...i only had brothers growing up, but it's lovely to have three sil's that i adore as an adult. :)