Saturday, November 1, 2008

throwing love around

This post is to give love back to all of you who have commented and read my blog so sweetly... I'm SUPER flattered!!
I love to respond by email to comments, but often the email reply is blocked... so I just wanted to post and make sure you all know how much your kind words and fun thoughts mean to me, you truly brighten my days and I am grateful that my random humor (and idiocy) brings a smile to faces somewhere out there. Thanks!!!!

In case anyone is wondering about this fabulous vocal you are hearing, this is Jon (my Jon) McLaughlin singing "Throw My Love Around." It's from his new album, which I highly recommend.

Feel free to email me anytime, and I would love to have your email address included so that I can write you back! You are all fantastic, catch the love~



Geckoman said...

Your blog about Jon was linked to a Google alert I received. I receive Jon McL alerts daily :o) Isn't Throw My Love Around great? And is your name really Amelia? Did you know Jon wrote a song about you??? Haha

Since you like Jon, I recommend checking out this Jon blog I help run. You'll most likely find some things that will probably be new to you and hopefully love!

Queen In My House of Blue said...

That song is fantastic!!!!!!