Sunday, November 16, 2008

self amused

Avery has trouble with money... she's got a mile long list of things she wants, but when she is given money for birthdays or holidays she is never sure what she really wants to do with it.

While I was out at work one day Adonis took the girls to the store, apparently it was quite an adventure. It was on that trip to WMS (Wal-Mart Store, WMS is the nice way a friend of mine refers to it) that Avery found and purchased "Sing Star 80's."

blog 80's

I hear her belting out "We're not gonna take it..." and "It's the...eye of the tiger..." and Masyn's deep and adorable voice can often be heard singing "...livin' in a material world...and I am a material girl." It's scary and comical, that's all I can say about that particular aspect of the game.

blog 80's

However, after relentless begging, I played the game. Yes, I started out with much hesitation because I do NOT sing well... seriously bad in fact. Still, within a few rounds I was dancing, singing, and getting some decent scores! Hurray, nice littl stroke to my suffering singing ego.

Yesterday was my shining moment though, I finally scored "Lead Singer" and it's pretty funny that I scored this on a song I just posted a while back that has been redone by Blake Lewis. "I Ran" the original version by Flock Of Seagulls, that's my top score. I'm very pleased about this, I guess that's apparent since I found it worthy enough to blog about (hmmm...I might need to up my criteria for blog posts eh?). *grin*

blog 80's

A lesson I also learned from this, is that my camera can't get pictures of my television.... sorry for the weird pic, but I had to validate my score somehow.

Music musing is the fabulous and favorite, Phil Wickham. The song is called "Cannons" and is on his latest album. He's amazing.



Priscilla said...

gotta love the sing star editions. We have sing star pop and sing star High School Musical!!! Lets just say we cant get enough of "WILD CATS...BLAH BLAH BLAH" lol. I just recently saw Sing Star Country!!! NOW THAT IS ONE FOR ME! I love it, my husband loves it and we all belt it out as best we can but we all have fun! Im sure you will find, that this is the best family time you have ever!! I know I think so.

Priddy Creations said...

LOL! We have that as well and "We're Not Gonna Take It" is the kids favorite. That and Tricky. No one can beat me on that one. :)