Saturday, November 22, 2008

the morning after

So it was, on this Friday morning after my 12:01 AM movie viewing with my sister and niece, that we sat and enjoyed loaded hot chocolate from Starbucks. I needed the "loading" because staying up until 3:00 AM and coming home to a wide awake 2 year old, I was totally wiped out the morning after! I guess it's old age. My hot cocoa, although lovely and delicious, could not wake me up fully.

This photo amuses me because it shows our drink orders, and my silly OCD'ness with the straw in my cup. The baristas always look at me like I'm crazy when I ask for a straw at the window or grab one on my way out.... What can I say, I'm a little quirky at times.

{the morning after}

It was worth the lost hours of sleep though. The movie *NO SPOILERS I PROMISE* was really good. I have mixed views on the cinematography (it felt a little like a cross between an after school special and the Blair Witch Project), but my main concern was blown away.

My biggest worry before seeing this film was that Edward could not be played by anyone... he is in my mind, the ultimate male character. Robert Pattinson realy impressed me and totally stole the WHOLE movie, he was brilliant and quite captured the heart and soul of Edward Cullen. Bravo Rob, bravo!

Music musing is Robert Pattinson himself, singing "Never Think" from the "Twilight" soundtrack.



Kath said...


I agree. I was very skeptical about the casting of Edward, but Robert Pattinson totally won me over! I was mesmerized.


Anonymous said...

you too??? i read this book on accident(accidentally loved it too). I promise I named my twilight gown BEFORE I had even heard of the book! LOL

Hope you are well my friend. Cheers.