Sunday, November 2, 2008

a day without boundaries

My girls have been in quite a lot of trouble lately. I wouldn't say I am a super strict mama, but I do require obedience. The past little while has been a very trying time with each girl in their own way... trying to push me and see what rules can be broken in a new place, that sort of thing. I've been feeling like a very bad mama, because it seems like all I ever say these days is "no" or "please stop" and let me not leave out "did you hear me say no?" *deep sigh*

Today I made it my mission to have a good time together...even if they weren't being nice, we were going to be chill and obey, the two can happen together I am convinced! It just takes some give and some take, and a healthy dose of creative insight.

So after nap, I allowed the girls to each pick out one candy from their new stash (separated into bags with their names so there is no fighting over who gets what). I had them take it outside and play on the porch while they ate their stickies and I cooked french toast.

...random toys and other pieces of live to play with...

That is the little cluster of some of the toys they were playing with... the baby is either Skylar, Madison, or Sophia, Evelyn called her something different every time I asked. Don't those names really tell you when Evelyn was born?! I giggled.

unicorn in a basket, where else would she sleep?

This is Unia, Masyn's unicorn. Where else would one place a unicorn for her beauty rest?

My next step was to avoid tabletop bickering that has been happening far too much these days. I chose the effective, yet cowardly route of "distraction." Yes, I let them eat outside with glass plates and all. French toast au natural proved to be a hit, there were NO arguments at dinner time tonight! YAY! *doing a little dance*

{dusty at dinnertime}

...and this might be the closest I get to a "good picture" of all 3 at once. I might even be forced to use this for our Christmas picture. LOL, that's a joke.

Check out Evelyn's feet, she refuses to wear her crocs on the right feet, so she always looks like her feet are turned out.

{french toes and skinned knees}

My life lesson learned today: Looking for the fun and positive will almost always kill the chance for negativity to rule the day.



Blissful Nikki said...

oh my! I only have one and I think its hard!! hehe

It was SOOOOO good to see you this weekend, and I am so sad we didnt get to see eachother at church! Any time you and Matt want to join us, just come on over! There is always room in our row! :) We definatly need to go to lunch or shopping or something soon.

Oh, and I tagged you in a couple of pics over on facebook!

Lisa~ said...

hmmmm distract them with sugar... what a novel idea. I will definately try that hehe thanks for the advice! Sometimes I feel like it's world war three here with such varying ages in my house.

Hana said...

You always manage to make something so a pile of toys...look like a piece of art! I love that first photo of the girls! Oh, and my 2yr old, Halle, wears her crocs on the wrong feet too. We get a lot of looks and laughs whenever we go out!

Hana said... email address is in case you ever want to chat. You can get me through as well!

emily said...

we've been having some very trying times with our girls lately too . . . and i know exactly what you mean about feeling like a bad mama lately!!!

i have really been trying to catch myself before i say no . . . and any of the other 'motherly' words that aren't so positive . . . and try to make the best of each moment with them.

can be so hard sometimes!!