Wednesday, December 24, 2008

un-christmas post

This post is not about Christmas... I'll do that tomorrow. Today, I am giving my meagre gift to one of my dearest friends of ALL time.

A Christmas Eve ode to my oldest friend, Emily K.

I officially met Emily when I was 12, I can't believe that now, over 10 years ago.... that makes me feel SO old, because in many ways it seems as though it's only been a few years. Thing was, we quickly learned that we had met before, years before! We sabotaged a sleepover of a mutual friend in response to being treated rather cooly by this mutual friend's cousin... we hid all the party favor bags under a table in the middle of the night. We bonded and it was meant to be that we should meet a few years down the road and become constant friends.

At 12 and 14, we were silly and immature, which seemed to make us unbearable to some and completely necessary for each other. I felt whole only when I was hanging out with Emily.

Emily was and is the most well rounded girl I've ever known. It was Emily whose cabinet held CD's of both Simon & Garfunkel and Greenday, that helped develop my bi-polar taste of music. ;o) She introduced me to many a Beatle song, was the first to take me to Hard Rock Cafe, and invited me to public school events. I think it's safe to say, that Emily was not only my BFF, but the one who helped me to emerge from my shell of childhood into my teen years.

Some of my favorite memories with Emily are playing paintball with all the guys, dancing in her room to "Footloose," trick or treating for the very first time, thousands of hours of boy-talk, singing on the way to Fiesta Texas with Tiffany, freezing our butts off at high school football games, and cruising around town in my sister's little blue car! There are so many more, years more.... I tear up just thinking about how much we have been through.

Emily and I have gone through painful times, we have fallen away from each other, refused to speak to each other, hugged the other in times of the most painful break-ups, and basically given Heidi and Lauren a run for their money in drama. Yet, through all we have lived out together, we remained friends. Even it we went years between phone calls or visits, when we meet up, we are a duo that can't be shaken. Every time I talk to her it's just like it was many long years ago sitting in her room rambling on until her parents had to come "shhhhh" us. We still have a close bond, and I am so grateful to say that we have finally learned how to better stay in touch. I'm super excited to see her in a few days and spend time with my buddy, my honorary sister, Emily.

This post is for you Emily, and when I see you, we will have to try and get a picture because I think the most recent I have of from my wedding.... almost 7 years ago! Eek!! I love you, see you soon~


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Lisa~ said...

awe how sweet and sentimental:) I have just such a friend too! Aren't girlfriends great?