Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it's almost here

{happy new year}

I can't believe Christmas is over, the New Year is just a couple hours away.... O - M - G, it's almost 2009!

The past couple weeks have been non-stop here. I've burned the road between here and my old town, washed more laundry than I even knew we owned, and watched the pile of dishes in my sink rise to ungodly heights. Tonight, I handled it with a family party and lots of fattening food. My girls are all still awake, running wild through the house, and waiting for the big ball to drop!

Reflections will probably happen soon, I just can't think right now, I am so physically and mentally worn down. From Christmas until now I have been really worn down by all that has been going on, I'm ready for a rest. Maybe one day I will get to take a vacation..... it's a lovely thought. I feel very ready for memory lane, a run-down of 2008 if you will. Tomorrow I will goal to make just such a list, in fact I'm wishing I had enough energy to do it now, but even if I had enough stamina to stay put and type it out, my girls are literally clambering for me to shut the laptop and rejoin the party!

May you all have a fantastic 2009! I can't wait to hear any resolutions and ideas you each have. Please comment with what the New Year promises you and what you promise to bring to the New Year!



nic said...

what the new year promises me: another chance. that's a beautiful thing, a fresh chance at life.

what i promise the new year? well, i'd like to do a better job of being cognizant of the needs around me. i'm still working out how that looks in daily life...we'll see how it goes!

happy new year, sweet amelia.

Britt said...

Happy New Year girl!

Honestly 2008 had some major downs & I'm glad to put it all behind. So, I'm very excited about the new year :)

The new year promises me graduating from UT in December!

I promise to bring everything I can to the new year and pray for God to bring the rest :)

Praying for many sweet blessings to come your way this new year!