Thursday, July 15, 2010

{ appreciable lengths } ~ austin area photographer

Several years ago I had a hair catastrophe. Let me preface this by saying that I learned at the ripe age of 14 to NEVER use box hair color, ever, under any circumstance.

Okay back to my story. I was having my hair done by a local hair dresser and somehow our communication must have had a breakdown, because I asked him to help me get back to my natural color and fill my highlights. He filled my highlights, but my hair ended up tinted green and felt like mushy elastic thread.

Of course I am sort of brazen and I refused to leave with green hair, so I told him to cut it all off. Yes, I let him chop my hair to about a 2" all over boy cut.

I cried for 3 days without stopping and intermittently for months following (sometimes I still lament).

Since that time, I have not had a major haircut. That was about 9 years ago I believe, I stopped counting when I started to cry more. I have also not had major coloring and absolutely NO highlights. About October 2008 or so, I asked my stylist (a female in a different city!) to take me back to my natural color in a slow and healthy process. Through deep conditioning and tinted treatments, she helped the ends of my hair match my roots. My hair has been dark brown (even called black a few times) ever since that time with the exception of summer's sunshine adding some red and lightening it up a little, without the aid of coloring.

Today my need for change had me aching to call and make an appointment to cut it off, to just toss in the years of growing and mix it up. I've tried bangs, layers, ect....I just like change. My goal though, is to keep growing, I want long hair down my back and laying across my pillow. I know it's silly, but I just love how it feels, I mess with my hair all the time and I love when other (clean) people touch my hair...I have connections to my mane, I can't deny it. I took photos to see how long it has grown with the hope I would totally forget the impulse to chop off all the years of patience that it represents.

{ growth }


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Kath said...

So pretty! Don't cut it!