Friday, July 2, 2010

{beatifically evy} ~ austin area child photographer

Today was a heavy chore day. My second full day of vacation time, second day in a row to be jolted from my sleep (which was supposed to be sleeping late...) at 6 AM. This morning it was Evelyn to wake me, not an employee. Evy, who I have missed in my bed and though it was early, it felt good to have her waking me with her whines for breakfast. Whining is her specialty, she comes by it naturally on her mother's side (though hopefully I have outgrown most of my whimpering and sullenness). I couldn't possibly not enjoy waking up to this face.....

{ e v e l y n }

Or this one....

{ e v e l y n }

Would you all believe I took this AFTER the giant 4.5 hour undertaking of cleaning their room?! The girls helped and were troopers all morning while I pulled everything out of their room, drawers, closets, everything was a wreck and I just wanted a clean slate. Today was a DEEP purging and purifying day in the room of my girls. The scariest moment was finding Avery's secret snack stash of open food under her bed. I literally had reflux for 30 minutes and kind of every time I think about it... *gag* You can see clearly under beds and dressers now, and the base boards are all cleaned. Masyn and Evelyn helped toss trash and put up books. It was a productive morning and they came out smiling! Well, it's maybe not quite a smile, but it's pretty darn happy and so stinkin' cute.

{ e v e l y n }

{ e v e l y n }

Tomorrow I go to retrieve big sister from camp! Avery might not recognize her bedroom when she gets home, or her sisters. I think Evelyn has changed just since the end of school. She seems so grown up lately.

My favorite little dialog from today:

Masyn - "Mama, want to know my favorite part about today?"

*because I frequently ask my girls what they liked most about the day

Me - "Of course I do, what was your favorite part?"

Masyn - "Cleaning our room and you finding my DS!!"

*The DS has been "lost" in the room for a loooong time.

Evelyn - "My favorite part about today was...NOTHING. Hmph."

Me - "Why is that Doo?"

Evelyn - "Because I can't find my Night-Night." (Night-Night = precious lovey toy)

Me - "Well come here, I can give you a favorite part of today, BIG hugs will be a good part!"

Evelyn - "Yes!!!!"

God I love these kids.

{ e v e l y n }

There is just something so special to me about this picture...not only the subject of course, it's the raw feel, like maybe I snuck back in time and took her picture with an old Polaroid. I'm for sure going to enlarge and frame this one.

{ e v e l y n }


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donya said...

What cute faces! Definitely a good thing if you have to wake up early :)