Sunday, July 25, 2010

{ moments treasured } ~ austin area child photographer

Some of my favorite photographs are just the ones I snap at random moments when the girls are grubby and dressed shabbily...when they are just being happy little girls. The photos I have of them snuggled in bed or playing on the floor are some of my most cherished pictures. Documenting their life by writing and taking still pictures is a gift that I want to give them, to pass along their childhood so that they can recall these days and also inspire them to record things as they grow. It's a brilliant habit to build.

{ the who of my life }

Panties peaking out of little leotards, these days pass too quickly. Having one daughter who is almost 12 helps me appreciate the phases and how quickly they change from one thing to the next. Avery is a good reminder to me to indulge the girls in being young, spontaneous, and uninhibited.

{ the who of my life }

Evelyn loves to sing and most recently has developed an obsession with watching this little girl on YouTube named Eva sing cover music. It's so funny to watch Evy as she stares at the screen and tries to sing along. A tiny moment of her life I never want to forget.

{ the who of my life }

Much is happening in my life that I will hopefully be able to update you all about soon. Big changes and dreams circling through my mind and heart. Please send good luck vibes, I need the positive winds to blow here.


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donya said...

Love these photos. I too am realizing that my favorite photos of my son are the ones of him just playing on the floor. I hope I can continue documenting him as he grows like you have with your daughters.
Good luck to you with your big changes and dreams! Can't wait to hear about them.