Thursday, July 22, 2010

{ deplorable days } ~ austin area photographer

This is the face I've had pretty much all's been a rough go. 11 days ago I got 3 tickets. In my defense, only one was legit. However, even after having two corrected and removed, I still came out of the fiasco $400.00 hurt. Ouch, I'm still feeling the pain of that amount, but I decided after ranting and stressing for a day, I can't let it ruin my life, it's going to pass and I'll arrive on the other end of this with a greater sense of the distance I should maintain between myself and the possible jerk in front of me, also that life is only as bad as we let it be. A little bonus lesson was that I now know about vehicle registration (I didn't know what that was... thanks Dad for always taking care of me, this proved I STILL NEED YOU!!!) and also how to pay a ticket. I realized how sheltered I have always been.

{what a week}

Next week I am hoping to show a happier face because I have good things on the horizon and it's about stinkin' time, the past couple weeks have been challenging my positive spirit, but I am witnessing my own strength and for once I'm kind of impressed by myself. Thank you to my friends who have endured those whiny days while I got my mind in the right place. I LOVE you.


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Vanessa said...

i love that you've adopted this attitude! you can overcome anything.