Thursday, December 9, 2010

{ must + must not + ect } ~ austin area photographer

I was so lucky to have some visitors from Canada last week enlist me as their "Austin Tour Guide." A role I am highly un-qualified for but took on with zeal. One place they asked to make a stop at was Zilker Park Botanical Garden, so the following images were taken there (by me). They all capture my darkly romantic side, and there are over 100 more in the file on my computer but I am about to zip off to the bar (for work, I do not get a happy hour tonight) so I am just sharing a few. I feel like these fit my mood this week and express some things I have been considering confessing to you all.

I have a list. Shocking, I know. Okay really though, for affinity for lists can be beneficial I promise. This week I have been finding myself adding to my "Must + Must Not" list. It is my requirements and deal breakers (and a few wants and "I hope nots") in regards to future men I allow myself to spend time with.

{ what I see and what I love combined }

Must (be/have):

Honesty, confidence, smell amazing, conversational, present, affectionate, passionate, funny, open, communicative, real, strong, timely aggressive, tattoo(s), mature, silly, stylish, ability to wow me, soothing, witty, allow me to wear heels, honor in his word, miss me when I am away.... and I add more all the time please feel free to make suggestions.

{ my life as a flower }

Must Not (be/have):

Dishonest, secretive, shady, aloof, arrogant, smell bad, ignore me, be my inferior, shy, unwilling to snuggle, lack sense of humor, wear bedazzled anything, belittle my dreams, lazy, lack ambition, neglect me...

{ dark romance }

As I said, fire away new additions to my list, make your own list, it's very enlightening and makes sizing up potentials much easier when you know what you need and what you want. Of course some things I might sway on, like tattoos...but some things can fly under the radar and then it's too late to remember "oh yeah, I wasn't going to settle for someone who..... again." This is my list to remind me, I have standards.

{ if I were a rose }


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