Thursday, December 23, 2010

{ sometime by serendipity } ~ austin area photographer

Today was a great day. Several things made it great. I started the morning with all 3 of my girls in my room, 2 in bed with me soon joined by the 3rd. I went to the gym and felt productive there. We had a few hours of time together before I had to work which was a treat (usually there is school pressing). I even had a nugget of time to read. There are lots of things that happened today that made it feel so tangibly good. My life is filled with all the right people at all the right times, even though I have days where I feel like such an island...days like today remind me that I'm not here alone.

I recently visited my hair stylist for a little change in my color...hence the picture below (it's the "after" shot). As she was working on my hair we made this amazing connection in our lives and learned that we have much more in common than we ever knew. It really was exciting to learn about this and to share some of our stories together. She recommended a book to me and I am engrossed in it every chance I get, but it's one of those books I am thinking about all the time. A book that somehow means more than just something on a page. There are a few books I have had this same reaction to and I have re-read them a few times because of all that comes out new each time. I have a feeling I will be reading this book again down the road. As I have turned the pages and taken in the words, it's been prompting memories and opening things I had long dismissed. Also it has made me very aware of my present, which I am a big fan of awareness and always trying to become more open and more aware.

{ transitions }

This discovery of our likeness came to me just when I needed it most. Truly I am amazed at the beauty and timing of such blessings in life. A couple of weeks ago I felt a little lethargic and lonely, I was having what a friend called my "winter of discontent." He was so right, but it was short lived because today I smiled at the sky and laughed out loud because I was so happy about walking on a sidewalk covered in orange leaves and the sound they made swooshing under and around my boots. My heart swelled earlier today when Evelyn laid upside down on the rocking chair and found it fun just to rock with her head hanging down pretending the ceiling could move. Yep, I get down and I get moody, I pout and I even feel sorry for myself, but life comes around and smacks me with something to smile about and I forgive myself for my pity party and move on. Why, oh why has it taken me so many years to appreciate everything and why do I ever let stupid things get me down?! I wish I could bottle today and wear it as a necklace always.... I feel a new tattoo coming on.



Rhembein said...

Sweetheart, your words impress and delighting me more each post! Xo - gillian

Amelia said...

Thank you love, that means a LOT to me!! xxoxox