Saturday, December 25, 2010

{ our wonderland } ~ austin area child photographer

Our Christmas...

This year I didn't have to work retail hours, something to celebrate! Also it afforded me a full day and evening with my girls to enjoy our Christmas traditions.

We started with a game of charades, hot chocolate, and then a movie/rest. I cooked eggs and bacon for the big girls, but Evelyn wanted oatmeal (she's so like her mama). She was anxious for them to finish so we could get in our jammies and drive around looking at lights while we played Christmas music and sing along and get excited over the really good decorations.

Once home, we dove into gift opening and they were all super happy this year. Honorable mention goes to Masyn, who asked for a laptop and printer, and received a printer, with which she was THRILLED. It was amazing.

Stocking were last, lots of yummy candy and some fun goods. Highlight from that was Evelyn in her giant sunglasses! I love this top picture of her in her glamorous frames. I will leave you with the pictures from our night of love, fun, and utter silliness. As I sit here I am all smiles, these truly are the best days I've lived, full heart.

{ miss IT }

{ how she rolls }

{ darlings in pair }

{ just love }

{ excitement }

{ grateful }

{ maturing }

{ my love for her is as intense as she is }

{ pure love }



Taylor said...

I love this!!
What did Masyn do with her printer?

nic said...

masyn and her printer are cracking me up. what a girl. :)

in other news, i am endeavoring to do a better job keeping up with blogs in the year to come. i've missed you so.

happy late christmas.