Friday, December 19, 2008

i miss you sum-mer, oh yes i do....

I don't miss anything, as much as yo----u; when you're not near me, it makes me blue (more "opaquely white")... oh summer I miss you.

Thanks to my parents (especially my dad) I have seen "Bye, Bye, Birdie" faaar too many times and that song seems to apply to ever want/desire/dream/wish/... oh it just applies to everything. Cover all, that's what that song is. :o)

When I was younger I wanted to be Ann-Marget...and I still think she is GORGEOUS.

I miss the warm summer days so badly, I decided to post a tribute to them. Here is a shot from September, which is the second hottest month of the year in Texas (August RULES).

{sunnier days}

Oh just look at the rays in this picture shining down, I want to jump in it and tan myself and get all cozy. Also seems nice and cuddly because Masyn and Evelyn were being so sweet to each other. I love pictures of them together.

It's growing exceedingly difficult to drag myself from my warm bed each morning, it's the only time I feel like my blood is truly flowing in my veins lately.

This morning I am off to watch Avery have a jump rope show. Yes, her school actually has a jump rope team, which she officially made a spot on this week! She's so excited and I am so proud. I hope my camera will be able to snap well in her gym, I need a zoom lens! LOL

Later in the week I have some special pictures I am going to try and take of the girls all together, but it's so wild around here, LOTS of driving will be going on the next few days..... and I mean a GOBB! We have Christmas, work, and a wedding, ALL in one week, should be interesting!

Music musing is Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson singing "Sky."



nic said...

we are sharing brain waves again or something...just this morning i was browsing through late summer/early fall photos of my kids playing along our street, thinking about how i should post something along the lines of "remember when it was warm and pretty outside?" heheh...

i love that shot of your littler two together...sisterly love is such a precious thing.

Blissful Nikki said...

Im with you on needing a zoom lens! I sold all of my other lenses to get money to upgrade everything else! lol

Oh, and I LOVE Bye-Bye birdie! I watched it the other night and laughed the entire time! :)