Monday, December 1, 2008

look, listen, hopefully enjoy.

wild about coloring

{typical Evelyn}

something like "cheese"


big girls still play

{thrill seeker}

{thankful for smiles}

a profile I never tire of

{fall doors}

playtime sweetness

she owns my heart

lost in the wooded imagination



callmelacie said...

These pictures plus this song equals perfection. Such a happy post! Thank you for sharing.

Erin said...

Amelia, your girls are all gorgeous and your pics are beautiful as always!

Chelsea said...

Your pictures are stunning! You are so good at what you do. I wish I knew how to work my camera the way you do:)


Anonymous said...

wow! awesome photos!

Rebekah said...

I especially love the photo of the littlest one looking back on the seesaw :)

Amelia said...


Rebecca said...

I LOVE these pictures...great colors! Evy looks so different with her new haircut!!! I really miss seeing y'all...