Friday, April 6, 2007

Did The Bunny Come Early?

Every Easter until about mid July, I fight to rid my house of Easter grass! It has come early this year. Today I found my living room littered with shreds of pink (well, there is one great thing about it) grass. It looked as though Barbie Eagle might be building a nest in the middle of my den, but in reality it was just Masyn trying to help set the atmosphere for the Easter bunny.

Two vacuum sessions later and many individual pick ups...and I think my floor is free. I can never be sure, it seems like each time the light comes through the windows I notice one more piece lingering behind....*sigh*



Lisa~ said...

Oh man I hate that grass! It is just as bad as that metalic grass you put on christmas trees....not a good invention! I can picture that cutie running around smiling as she "dresses" up the house for the easter bunny though and it makes it worth it:)

bella*tessa said...

I just had to comment on this one! That is just the type of thing my Isabella would do....which is why, this year, I chose to forgo the plastic grass. I's tradition! However, I couldn't bear the thought of finding it SOMEWHERE 3 months from now!

Amelia said...

Well this was brought in as a gift...but I am seriously considering taking it out and just leaving room for more eggs. LOL

Laurie said...

I just got home with 2 packages....WELL hidden...until tomorrow...*sigh*


Amelia said...

Good luck Laurie...mine can sniff it out from even after I've thrown it in the trash! :o)