Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tips For Play Dates

In every pot of hard boiled eggs, there must be some great story....

This adventure was the idea of my friend and fellow blogger Morgan. Upon seeing the dye and potential mess (and let me assure you the girls lived up to their full potential) you might assume it was a bad idea. I have to was a blast! A few toddler disputes had to be settled and many cookies lost their lives to obtain the happiness of a screaming Evy...and that was the worst. It was a fun day and the girls were very proud of their lovely *work with me* eggs.

A few tips for a successful play date: 1. Have coffee or other legal stimulants for the grown ups.

2. Stickers, markers, and dye are good for entertaining kids. Don't bother with rubber gloves, then you won't have the fun of rubbing pink dye off chubby little fingers later.

3. Read instructions as you go, not provides bonding time for parents when they learn something new together.

4. Take pictures of random things, like for instance...cracked and abused eggs.

5. See tip #2 and you will understand why washing hands can be a fun time!

Thanks for looking and if you want to see a few more candid shots click here. Thank you to Morgan, Maddie, and Isabelle, for sharing the morning with 3 such messy ladies as my girls and me!



Lisa~ said...

Thats sounds like a sweet date! Glad you girls had fun:)

Anonymous said...

Awww, such a sweet day!

Sarah :)

Amelia said...

Thanks Ladies!


Morgan said...

Such fun! It was worth the turquoise stain left on my table, LOL! No worries, it's geting "painted" (i.e. distressed, hehe) soon hopefully!

Amelia said...

Oh no!!! I hope you're painting it DARK. LOL Sorry, I should have warned you how messy me and my girls are.

Morgan said...

no, please...I could have put down newspaper! But that would have prevented the fun of chuckling to myself every time I pass by and see that stain...I haven't really tried to get it out anyway.

I've been trying to convince Nathan to let me paint it black and distress...maybe now he will, lol!