Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tackle Time...

As corny as this is, I cannot escape from the song "Hammer time" playing in my mind. I think I just badly dated myself. LOL

The ugly picture above and a few below have nothing to do with that song or the artist. This post is a follow up to the Tackle It Tuesday challenge I have joined on board with, you can see my previous post today for details and links.

Upon inspection of my house as to determine what needed tackled the most, I knew almost at once that my playroom would need the TLC. However...the playroom is in such a bad way that I am tackling it in baby steps, as a true FlyBaby would. The daunting task then set before me: Clear off the bar in the playroom!

As you can see from these pictures, it's a magnet for everything from golf attire to children and their chairs. Yes, this bar is filled with items that have NO reason whatsoever to be on it. Let me not forget to mention the horrific amount of dust.....*A-choo!*

So.....here we are.... cleared, wiped, child free counter top ready for something decorative I should say.

Thank you for the shove off the diving board!!



Ragazza Bella Couture said...

looks great Amelia!! I need to get in on this too! I sewed all day today, so no cleaning for me! Maybe next week!? lol


Lisa~ said...

om goodness that child looks adorable sitting up there! lol

Lisa~ said...
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Erin said...

I did a double look on the pic with your daughter sitting in a CHAIR on the BAR- that's one thing I have never seen before, and maybe never will!

Mi Pelucita Boutique said...

Dear Amelia I love your Blog and your fabolous outfits wich I own 3 for my princess. I have to thank you for letting us know about Tackle time. I di it and was fun.


bella*tessa said...

You motivated me to tackle my workspace! I'll be doing a little post on my own blog about it tomorrow and crediting you for the motivation! It sure does make you feel good!

Amelia said...

Awe thanks for the sweet words everyone!! I really love this Tackle idea as well and I look forward to seeing yalls B&A pictures!

We never know what to expect from Masyn, she pops up everywhere. :o)


Morgan said...

Great Job!! This was fun :o)