Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pixel Perfect?

I just changed my profile picture, as it was extremely outdated. Considering that I change my hair at least once every 2 months, I'd say that picture was a good 4 or 5 months old...if not older.

In the process of changing pictures I encountered a problem: my thumbnail is all pixely. I have tried everything I know (which isn't much, but still took a good 30-45 minutes) to get it to look clear. However, it does look okay in the actual "profile" section...

The above is the real one, and if you have time please take a gander at the little one on the right side of the screen. Can anyone tell me what is up with that? Why is my chin in two separate places?? LOL

Oh, I need to give a little shout to Matt, he took this picture tonight, thank you sweetie, you did a great job!



Lisa~ said...

Your such a hottie!

I have no clue why your picture is messed up other than maybe it gets damaged in the conversion somehow....

Erin said...

You are beautiful, great pic! What do you mean your chin is in 2 different places? I only see one.

Amelia said...


Okay on that little picture it looks to me like I have a dark chin and a light's very weird looking.


Amelia said...

Oh's even worse in "comment" mode. LOL!


Swede at Heart said...

I love your new photo. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

OK, you HAVE to stop being so gorgeous! (LOL) ;)

Great pic!


OliveJuiceCo said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love the necklace and the juxtaposition of the blue with that fab coral-y pink cardigan. Miss Amelia, we'd be great friends IRL, I just know it.

Amelia said...

Awe thank you!!

Kim~ SLC you and me, we'll shop! Thanks! I love this cardigan, I'm over wearing it, but it just won't stay in my closet, it begs to be worn.


PamperingBeki said...

You look fabulous as always. :) I don't see two chins either, just one.

Your hubby did a great job! Mine has the hardest time taking good pictures. Ugh.

Laurie said...

Gorgeous Pic Amelia! I don`t see any double chins either LOL!!


Morgan said...

Amelia~ you are so so so beautiful! And incredibly photogenic...the camera just loves you.

I'm straining my eyes to get better details on that interesting is really pretty!

Amelia said...


This is one of my first major jewelry purchases I made as an adult. LOL, it's a handcrafted coral rock and wire necklace I bought at a local street fair several years ago...even before I was married. I love it, but it gets wicked tangled in my hair, so I hardly ever wear it.


Ragazza Bella Couture said...

Amelia! I think Matt did a great job!!


nomi said...

That's a beautiful picture of a gorgeous gal! If you figure out what's wrong with the thumbnail one, let me know because I've had the same issues before!

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Love the picture! You are one hot mama! Matt did a great job taking your pic! He probably could have done it upside-down, blurry, too far away, and it still would have come out beautiful!


Amelia said...

Awe thank you Michelle!!