Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Perfect Color Morning

This is a post about the way my mind works (that is my warning line really, you might never read my blog again after this).

It's not that I am a cheesy person really, I just seem to think artistically. All the time, I'm only logical when I make it a point to be that way, I think. I seem to be driven by visuals and thoughts that build upon each other, I might even seem slow or ditsy to some because I daydream a lot.

The picture you see is of my clothes all laid out for my departure trip from SLC to come back to Houston. I slept great Saturday (morning)....I awoke to the sun streaming in through off white curtains, casting a luminous glow across my sparkling white down comforter(s, yes I had two because it was SO cold). I looked at the ceiling and the same buttery yellow sunshine painted it above my head. I literally thought in my mind and said out loud "It's the perfect color of morning!"

Megan caught me in this moment of artistic silliness, I was snapping pictures of my clothes laying on the bed, they looked too beautiful to not shoot!

This is Denver...on my way home. I just love the snow on the mountains, so I had to let you all see it.



Julie said...

Amelia...these are beautiful shots! I always love seeing your pictures!

Lisa~ said...

I will definately keep reading! I have silly thoughts like that too, but I am well trained in that I never say them out loud;) Love the mountain was it bad flying alone?

Amelia said...

Thank you both!!

Flying alone wasn't too bad, I would have preferred to have someont to chat with and lean on for a nap, but it was still fun to make myself go out on my own and do it even though I was scared. I feel stronger now. LOL


Portabellopixie said...

Oh such pretty's bringing back a lot of very happy memories. From shopping to the pretty morning. Thank you for the happy reminder. :)

Nic said...

The perfect color of morning...yes. That phrase resonates with me; I love the feeling of that kind of light. It makes me grateful to be alive at that moment, you know?

The perfect color of morning. I just might have to steal that sometime. ;)

Morgan said...

Mmmmm, there is nothing, nothing like "sparkling white" bed linens, especially luxury hotel ones!! They make for wonderful, indulgent sleeping!

I love the texture of the lacey white and woven dark blouses. You aren't cheesy at all dear friend, just blessed with an artist's mind.

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Hey Amelia, you can post pictures of your clothes anytime you like, as a fellow shopaholic, I think they are beautiful too! I love the picture of the mountains!

AmeliaB said...

How fun. I love those thoughts they keep life intreasting.


Amelia said...