Saturday, April 14, 2007

Preparations and Fear

Tonight I am practicing my talk for the Boutique Cafe Girl's Getaway Weekend. As much excitement as I have whirling around inside, I'm also finding some butterflies fluttering around in me too!

Daria has bravely asked me to speak little bit about being a Hot Mom and summer style... Okay don't blush, it's just a term to express that a mom shouldn't lose herself or her sense of style and fun just because she has children! ;o) I know some of you just blushed when you read "hot mom."

As I was saying, I am supposed to talk about these things. I'm getting a bit nervous, maybe more than a bit....LOL. Will I ramble and stumble all over my words? I even "hot" enough to give this talk?....then I take a deep breath and remember, I'm just sharing "me" and there aren't any expectations that I have to meet, just relax and let myself come out in my words.

I must tell you all that my nerves find other areas now to stress over. This will be my first time to fly alone to any place of significant distance. I've always flown with someone and just sort of saunter behind those who know what they are doing. Will I get lost in the airport and miss my plane?....Will I have to dump my perfume out because it's too big?....Will I be embarrassed when I have to throw out my Paris Hilton travel spray?... Once more...deep breath. Hey just pack it all in the checked luggage and be there really early, my mantra: "I CAN fly alone, I can!"

Now I'm off to write some more (to bore you ladies longer at SLC!) and find some more music for my iPod, I'm getting ready and maybe, just maybe, by Thursday night I can say "I'm all ready to go!"



Anonymous said...

OK, Amelia. Here's your pep talk:

1. YES you are 'hot' enough to do this talk. Do you know how many of us aspire to look as good as you???

2. Just be you. That's why we love ya so much and are constantly asking for fashion advice. :)

3. Stock up your iPod; put all your toiletries in your checked baggage; ask at least 2 people (airport personnel) where you go after you check in; buy a cheezy novel to read and / or a crossword puzzle book; and bring snacks.

4. Bring those sassy yellow heels. You can conquer the world in those awesome shoes, let alone SLC!

Don't be nervous, hun! You're gonna knock 'em dead! Just think how proud Matt and the girls are of you already and that will keep you going.

Sarah :)

Amelia said...

*Sniff* You're SURE you can't come????? Whhaaaaaaa!!!! I need you there, you're like those little starfish on "Aqua Marine."

Thanks Sarah, truly, I'm going to have this printed out.

Yellow heels are already packed! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I can't come. *sniff* I will really, really miss hearing you speak. Put a little star in your pocket and I'll be cheering you on from home :)

I totally believe you are gonna rock 'em and roll 'em, girl!

I guess I need to come to Texas now *wink* :)

Amelia said...

Yes TOTALLY! I know a couple people who would also LOVE to see you ;o)

Awe you'll be my inner cheerleader! THANKS!


Lisa~ said...

Ok well first of all I have never heard you stumble on one word! Second, you are way hot enough!! You will do great!

carole said...

You are going to be awesome! You are so witty and inspiring on your blog and BC, that I am sure you must be even more so in person.
I certainly understand your fear in flying alone. The first time I flew without my children, I had to make sure my will was in order! I recently sent my youngest on a plane alone to visit her sister in Boston (and I had some SERIOUS doubts she could do it) but she did fine and you will too. Here's a link to the TSA website to help you know what you can take.(if you haven't been to this site already)

Good Luck,Hot Mom!!

Anonymous said...

*waving pom-poms and grinning*


vintagechicboutique said...

You will do great Amelia! So many people in the boutique world look up to you. I'm sure you don't even know how inspiring you are. (That probably just made you even more nervous, but it really is true).

Just be you and wear those yellow heels:) We are all going to love you!!!


Michelle said...

You are so cute Amelia!! I wish I could go to see you :0)
Don't be nervous about flying alone--there are so many people around in the airport to help if you need it. you'll do fine!

LOL at the starfish--Aquamarine is big here--Isabella wants to marry Raymond :0)


Ragazza Bella Couture said...

Awww dear, sweet amelia!! We cant wait to see you in SLC!! you are going to rock the house girl! Sarah's pep talk couldn't have been more ON target!!! You are an amazingly talented designer, a wonderful mom, and a MEGA HOT MAMMA!!! hehe We love you! And dont think about it as flying alone, think of it as "Me Time" hehe and super prep time for the getaway! See you Friday!!!

--Nikki and Terry

Morgan said...

"It ain't no thang but a chicken wang!" Just tell yourself that!

Amelia~ your demure nature and modest assessment of your monumental talents only make us all love you more...I know you will shine, I just wish I could be there to see it!

Oh, and ROFL @ Paris Hilton!

Laurie said...

Oh gosh Amelia...
You will be JUST fine!!!
I wish I could be there to join in on all the fun!
You have such wonderful creative energy....such a gift!! You`ve been blessed with so many talents and I think its wonderful that you have this great opportunity to share them with others.
I can`t wait to read about all of it when you get back!!
Hugs~ Laurie

Amelia said...

THANKS!!! Awe you have all really and truly just given me so much confidence and wisdom! Thank you!

I feel so blessed, I wish I could give you each a huge hug!!!


PamperingBeki said...

You'll do GREAT!!!

Heck, *I'm* proud of you and I don't even KNOW you!

You'll be great. :) Deep breath in.. deep breath out...

Amelia said...

Thanks Beki! I just about hyperventilated while typing all EIGHT pages of my notes! LOL!


Portabellopixie said...

OH I had to laugh at the Aquamarine comment. That movie..LOL. DUSTIN actually was the one to rent it..but I would love some starfish for me on days. Amelia-you're going to rock!


Amelia said...

Thanks Sandi! I'm surprised how many people have actually seen Aquamarine. I have to let you know, I watched it a couple times. Avery has this thing about watching movies basically on repeat, I don't know where she gets that from?? *Whistling and looking nonchalant!*


couture*4*my*cutie said...

Hey Amelia,
I am so totally sure you are going to do fine! You definitley are hot enough! Plus, I know that you know style! Good luck and just have fun with it!