Friday, April 6, 2007

Rock Stars

Two little rockers having a great time in their duds after a day of shopping and spoilin' at Libby Lou's.

This is Avery (on the left) and her good friend Elaina, I just think they are the cutest. I had to be home with my little ones today, but Elaina's mom whom I think has reached "Rock Star" status herself now, took both girls to the Mall for an all-about-me kind of day. The treasures of the trip include (but are not limited to):

A tiara, sunglasses, jeweled hair clips, a backpack, a bathing suit, charm bracelet, headband, Libby Lou membership (I think that translates to "Authorized Junk mail), and a sweat band with a smile on it.... I am sure more but I sort of lost track after the sweat band (I'm wondering WHEN Avery will actually wear that). I'm amazed that Avery was sent with $40.00 and came home with so much, I think a very big "Thank You" card should make it's way to Elaina's house....



KarenK said...

I can not believe how big Avery is! wow!! shes so beautiful!

Amelia said...

You and me both girl!!! Yesterday she was 5, today she is 8, and tomorrow she thinks she will be 25.....*sigh* Thanks!!!

Michelle said...

Avery is such a beauty!!!
We LOVE LOVE Libby Lu--Olivia had her 6th birthday party there and it was fun watching them get their make up and hair done and then doing their Hannah Montana thing at the end---isn't it soooo much fun having all girls ;0)


Amelia said...

Awe thanks Michelle!!

I heard all about the Hannah Montana thing, Avery said that's what she would LOVE to get. LOL Hannah is a big thing around my house, even Masyn likes that show....*umm quiet, but so do I!* :o)