Sunday, April 1, 2007

Parenting 101

Lesson 1: Let your kids run in public fountains....oh wait, this might not even be legal! LOL

Yesterday marks the second time Masyn has gone, fully clothed, into a public fountain. Not the same one mind you, two separate locations. I'm beginning to feel like I need to put her on a leash when near water....

We had a good time and that's what truly matters (right?). So here are some fun pictures to let you all have a peek at one way we play in our free time.


Sweet sisters...


Evelyn being a little dream girl...


And from a different day at the fountain here in our town...Masyn being super sweet. I have to note that the ribbon in her hair was totally her idea and she thought she was the Cat's Meow with it on.



Morgan said...

hehehe~ your girls are cute, CUTER and CUTEST! I just can't decide who's who, lol~ Maddie has that pink print skirt/skorts that Masyn's wearing. A fave of course since it's PINK. :o)

Lisa~ said...

lol! oh man you are so funny! I have been harassed for weeks by Noah because he wanted to play in that fountain....

soon to see my pics of him in the fountain...;)

Traci said...

WHAT FUN!!!! LOVE the you carry your camera 24/7??
You do exactly what I do. When my girls choose something to wear that I WOULD NEVER choose I always let people know they are exercising THEIR OWN CREATIVITY and mom had NOTHING to do with it..LOL
Thanks for sharing.... I LOVE your blog!!!!

Amelia said...

Thanks ladies!!

Yes, I like to let the girls have some "creativity" with their wardrobe, but I always throw out my disclaimer. LOL!

Morgan~ I just found that little skirt/skort at a resale shop for like $1.50 and Masyn LOVES it, I do too because it matches everything.

Lisa~ Looking forward to your water pics.


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Love the pics!!!


Nic said...

LOL...forget the leash, just stick some floaties on that girl and she'll be set!


Amelia said...

LOL Nic, that's a great thought, and would make for a GREAT blog post to be sure!