Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm On Board

So, thank you to Morgan who told me about Tackle It Tuesday (I'm going to suggest that we not abbreviate this, I tried and well it just made me giggle...). I'm off to take some pictures of my horrifically messy playroom. It's been cleaned several times recently, I clean it, they destroy it...I know you can all relate.

Tackle It Tuesday is a neat idea about making something that is challenging more fun and a good incentive to actually finish it....it's easier when you know you have to show it. LOL... it will also allow for something new to share on your blog, and if you're like me (a serious journal addict) you are constantly looking to add something new and interesting to share with friends on your blog. I hope there aren't too many other sick puppies like me out there who are so hooked on blogging. ;o)

So, I'll be back later with pictures...thanks for reading!



Morgan said...

oh goodie!!! I can't wait to see B&A pics!!

Ya, I tried abreviating too, not good except for a chuckle, lol!

Novice tackler that I am...I went back to see if/how they abbreviate it...it's referred to as TT, as I found out late last night...much easier! :o)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Welcome aboard!!!
So you didn't want to show us your T.I.T?? ROFL!

I have seen that on other posts and "giggled" myself.


Amelia said...

LOL, and oddly enough TT still makes me giggle. I'm SO a mama....

I'm about to seize the bar now!