Thursday, September 25, 2008

a myriad of masyn

Masyn is known around our house for her many antics and ability to make us all laugh without meaning to in the least. She is entirely the most serious child I've met, but also the most comic. A 4 year old blessed with wit and a dry humor, it's fantastic.

There are other times when her physical comedy takes the lead and she does a dance that cracks me up with a movement or a facial expression. Last night, the latter was what had me in stitches.

I was going to cut Masyn's hair (long story, perhaps another post....) and had her all ready and thought I should grab my camera for a "before" shot. I didn't tell Masyn where I was headed and thankfully she didn't hear me walk up again, because I was so fortunate to have my camera in hand when I walked up on her entertaining herself with funny faces.

* Music musing tonight is "Funny Face" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, click PLAY to listen.

So here is what I captured......

{self entertain}

...and (my favorite)...

{self entertain}

...she seems so nice...

{self entertain}

Hopefully you guys aren't sick to death of seeing my girls in every post. I'm not really out much aside from work so I don't have pictures of many other things right now. I need to hit downtown with my camera sometime and show off my new location!


Monday, September 22, 2008

for the love of boots

For five years (actually more, but I feel generous) I have wanted boots. Of course I have a certain pair in mind, something I have never quite been able to find. Oh there have been close imitations, boots I could wear and enjoy, but not truly the ideal boots, and for the cost....I need the ideal boots.

Today I went into a boot shop and fell madly smitten for a pair I would never have guessed... they are everything I never knew I always wanted. Problem, of course. These boots are insanely high priced. For boots, I hear that this is quite reasonable, but right now they remain a "want" item for me, as my dear late PawPaw would say.

I will accept donations toward these boots if anyone feels so inclined. ;o)


There you see my lovely boots. I first saw the little bird, which is a total addiction I have. Next was the gorgeous maple color, they are rich like syrup and just as sweet. They feel amazing on, I could wear them all day and still want to sleep in them (at least I am guessing that is how I would feel).

I thought it appropriate to post my music musing to match my feelings about these great boots. This new song from the Jonas Brothers (I know, I'm too old to like them and I really don't love them most of the time, but this song is way cute) is called "Love Bug" and it's just perfect for my leather-lusting-night.

* Note on photography *
I am currently booking senior sessions so please feel free to email me about setting up an appointment!

xo- Amelia

Thursday, September 18, 2008

mossy green inspiration

The color challenge for this week in my flickr group Shades of Inspiration is mossy green. Everything where I live is either vibrant green or dead brown (some yellow here and there). Mossy green was fun though, because we have this murky lake where the girls love to go walking after dinner and throw rocks in the water. It made a great mossy green backdrop for a photo of my oldest and youngest playing together.

{ mossy }

To see more shades of inspiration, click here.

If you want to hear a random song I currently enjoy, click the music musings box to the right.

xo- Amelia

Monday, September 15, 2008

evy drops f-bomb?

So this picture is totally a fluke, but you just tell me what you think it looks like she is saying... maybe I have my mind in the gutter. If I do, Adonis does as well because he thought the same thing, the f-bomb. I promise, that is NOT what she said. Evelyn makes a lot of serious and grouchy faces when she sees my camera, this time it just looked a little more serious.

~Music Musing for tonight's post~

This is Nicole Atkins singing "Maybe Tonight."
I think she sings beautifully and I heart this catchy song. A co-worker of mine knows Nicole and told me about her. I'm so glad she did because now I can in turn share her with you guys!

xo~ Amelia

Sunday, September 14, 2008

humor me

I decided to share my random thoughts about music/musicians/videos... or who knows what else. I will call this my "music musings."

The playlist with start and you will have to read to learn why the current song is what I have selected.

Today I chose "Crush" by David Archuleta. Not solely for the fact that I like the song, I have something else to share regarding this.

Has anyone actually seen this guy?! He looks 10, sounds 25, and I do believe I am the last person on the earth to hear of him. I have been boycotting American Idol ever since the night Chris Daughtry was kicked off, so I had no idea this kid was such a...well...kid! I promise, if I just saw his picture I would totally think he was like 11 or 12, but he is 17! I need to find out what moisturizer he uses.

Now I am off, going to take banana bread out of the over and perhaps brave a trip to the pool with my two youngest girls.

xo~ Amelia

Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm back on blogger

so I am not so sharp on how to customize this site... if anyone wants to tutor me I would be so grateful.  

All you lovely patient readers (which I was SO pleasantly surprised to learn I still have!!) are overdue some pictures eh?!  So here are a couple cute shots from this week I took of my two youngest girls, Masyn and Evelyn.  We went on a walk to a nearby lake (pond..*cough*) and they were having a ball.  Got totally muddy, freaked out and came home to play in the water a bit before entering the house for a real bath.  

Thanks for sticking with me through all my many, MANY, moves.  
xo~ Amelia