Monday, July 27, 2009

superfluous - {austin area photographer}

because sometimes, adding words is just more than is necessary....

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

Music musing is "Rave On" by M. Ward (Featuring Zooey Deschanel)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

open ~ {austin area photographer}

Sometimes I just like to sneak in a steal a picture while the girls are asleep. Evelyn had only just opened her eyes when I took this photo, after a long, and obviously satisfying nap.

I really love to open the windows, because in my opinion there isn't any better way to wake up than to a gorgeous light pouring in on clean linens. You can almost smell it in this picture, the soft scent of Tide and perfume that lingers on my pillow (which Evy is borrowing here). I hope she remembers it amorously when she is grown up. I have great memories of my own mother's pillow smelling better than anything in the whole house...

{pure light}

The song (when it loads properly), is "Glitter In The Air" by Pink. I very much fancy Pink's slower, heartfelt ballads.


Monday, July 20, 2009

exit - {austin area photographer}

SPC has me working this month, truly. Of course I am not sinless, I won't pretend that.. still this theme of "Seven Deadly Sins" is tricky for me. I'm very modest, yet I want to dive deeper creatively than I did last week. I want to try and capture something a little more outside my comfort zone.

Today I exited my place of security, I chose to try and shoot "lust."


I don't have anything clever to say, I'm still reeling from actually sharing this photo. However, I do have a gorgeous version of "She Is Love" by Parachute on my playlist for this shot.


Monday, July 13, 2009

the dark side of self portrait

It's SPC time..... here I go again with the narcissism. Not really, this time it's all about someone else.

The theme for July is "The Seven Deadly Sins." Kind of dark and creepy, not my style so much, but I can roll with it. I gave it some thought and what I came up with was "envy."


Not that I sit around wishing to be someone else, but given the chance to switch faces and/or bodies with someone else, it would certainly be Kate Beckinsale. There really isn't a single thing about her that isn't exactly perfect (her nose especially causes the green to rise in me a bit).

On to a more personal note. I'm DRIVING again!!!! My back is still stiff and sore at times, but I have made huge improvements and I can drive (sometimes it requires a Tylenol), I am narcotic-free, the physical therapist has added weights to my workout, I am able to lean back in chairs now, and a few other boring things that are milestones for me. :o) I'm quite excited about this and I will most likely be moving back to my favorite city at the end of this week! Austin, I miss you!

I have a music musing to share as well. I just purchased this song on iTunes and love it. The song is "I Don't Believe You" by Pink. She really has a strong voice, this song compliments it perfectly.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

and so we drench

It's how it has to be when you live in Texas and it's over 100 degrees every single day... swimming is a must. So here are some pictures of our little poolside spectacle.

the good, the bad, and the colorful ;)

Snow cones are pretty much a necessity in the summer. However, this was the first time Masyn and Evelyn had ever had one!
*Masyn would like to add a note here.... "All our tongues match our swim suits."
She is soooooo OCD.


So, we have this little game in the pool...basically I throw this wet ball and everyone else tries to catch it... (so much fun for me, let me tell you). Occasionally though, I get a helper who throws too, and this is Masyn's "throw face" that I just LOVE!! She is so intense and honestly, she has a darn good arm for a 5 year old.

self portrait with a portrait lens = up close and very personal

Yeah, yeah, I tried to take one of myself too, to prove that I was there during this time in the girl's life. I seriously think that they will question my existence one day because there are so few pictures of us together.....because I am always taking the pictures. *Note to self: Invest in a remote for The Beast.


Avery was soaking up some serious sun here. Everything about this is reflective, I swear my lens was screaming in pain when I took this picture. "Too bright Amelia, too bright!!" And I politely answered back "SHUT IT!"

cute before the storm

My darling little Evelyn Blair! She wears out pretty quick in the sun, so it's imperative that I snap her before she gets in the pool. If I miss that precious moment before she is submerged...all hope of a happy picture is lost, because either 1. her eyes are closed, or 2. she is crying to go get food.

{growing up}

Another picture of Avery (who, the little narcissist that she is since her P-word post, will be thrilled to see herself again).... looking way too grown up. I love this new phase in her life, but oh boy does it ever make me feel old!!!

Music musing selection is "Juicy" by Better Than Ezra.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

texture trumps tone

At least for now, I have to concede to the "softening" of my muscles, because I can't really challenge myself like I was before surgery. It's disheartening, I won't lie. I'm cringing when I look in mirrors and pull up my shorts. Let me just say "firm" is not the adjective I would use to describe my legs at this point.

On a recent grocery excursion, I had to pick up a new can of shaving gel. As I perused the self grooming aisle, I stumbled upon Skintimate Cream Shave. "Hmm," I wondered aloud. Something I haven't tried, and many of you know that I am a sucker for trying new things, especially beauty products. Yes, I am the advertiser's dream come true. I am the customer who reads the heady promises and thinks "I have to try this!"

I bought the Cream Shave, and shaving gel that was almost empty seemed to breed within the can and never run out, as if it knew how anxious I was to try the new product sitting on the cabinet. Finally, on a great Monday morning, my shaving gel could breed no more and I tried the Cream Shave.

The result of this new product (paired with my Men's Gillette Fusion Razor) was an incredibly soft, smooth shave!!!! When I say this, I am not just talking about a decent shave, this was one of those "I can't keep my hands off my own legs" shave! Seriously, I was flipping out while I rinsed them, lathered on a little unnecessary lotion, and dressed. I wanted to just touch them all day, and the next!

So while my legs might not be in tip top shape, I have found something that, for now, can boost my spirits about my gams.