Monday, August 30, 2010

{ mexico + narcissism } ~ austin area photographer

For 52 weeks of BAM!.... Just got home from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I am reliving it through the pictures. Such an amazing and much needed trip. *ahhhhh*

{ cabo }

So many stories and so much fun, but I just have to settle back into Austin life now...but believe me, Cabo came home with me!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{ acclimatize + focus } ~ austin area photographer

So there is a great deal of unknown in my life right now. There are hazy places where I can't tell you for certain what comes next. Yet, I have clarity of mind and dreams so sharp they can't be denied of their deep meaning. I choose not to fear the unknown.

I've been turning over in my mind all my past and how I have reached this precipice in my life. Exhilarated about things coming and realizing how my life has built to jumping out toward goals, living full force. I am an uncommon lady.

{ in out + in between }

I almost died at 18 months and I can actually remember it.

My sister ran away from home when I was 11 and I was devastated.

I experienced heartbreak at 15.

Being 16 and pregnant in a small town taught me that I was strong enough to lose all my friends and still go on living a full life of love with my new baby girl.

Working full time in a place where I was the age of most people's children or grandchildren helped me realize what I did and did not want to be as a mother. It also showed me I can get along with just about anyone.

Marrying young made me realize how much more grown up I was in mind/body/and life experience than in my emotions/heart.

Learning to sew and building my name as a successful children's designer made me see that anything is possible if I want it bad enough.

Growing in my photography skills made me stop and stare at the little things and delve deeper into life and soul searching.

I went to college at 25, first time in any school ever and I fell in love again....with writing.

When I moved to Austin I learned that I could make friends in an unknown place and I would always have my true friends back home and abroad, even if we spoke less.

Going through divorce I learned how selfish I can be at the same time as I saw how giving I am.

Living on my own, I have come to a place where I know my life can only go as far as I believe, and I believe I have a lot of people to love and care for, many places to go, a great deal of life lessons to share, and several adventures to experience.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

{ fading + changing } ~ austin area photographer

This summer my hair has faded a great deal and recently I have even been called "redhead" which I disagree with. However, it matches the things in my life changing. I promised I would let you all know as soon as I could, and now I can begin to reveal what swift changes are occurring in my life.

I have resigned from my retail job. It's been awesome, but approaching 29, I can't see myself doing that forever. I want to take more pictures, write more stories, and touch more lives. What can I say?...I dream BIG.

{ red }

I have a job in mind that I am anxiously awaiting news about and my ardent hope is that it has come into my life for a reason and it will work out. I'm still searching in the meantime so that I can knock on all possible opportune doors.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{ toddler lingering } ~ austin area child photographer

Today I found a CD with pictures saved from my old computer that crashed...a little treasure nugget of what I thought had been lost. A lingering so to speak, of Evelyn's infancy and toddler days.

{ remembrance }

I can hardly even believe I once had the Sweet Feet Boutique business, 3 girls, my photography business, and marriage all at once. I thrived and loved it all. I'm getting back to doing what I love one thing at a time it seems. My life is in great transition and I really am excited about the opportunities before me. Sometimes I get a little frightened, but I remind myself what a great friend said to me recently... "fear and excitement are the same emotion, but our mind tells us whether we are scared like something will hurt us or we are exhilarated like when we ride a roller coaster." Stephanie, thank you, that thought is keeping me with my chin up and my dream ahead of me choosing to be thrilled about chasing what I want. Thanks for for support and encouragement! More news to come as I am able to share it.....


Sunday, August 1, 2010

{ tender rascals } ~ austin area child photographer

Without a doubt in my mind at all...

I have the most amazing girls in the world.

Even days when they argue and squabble, they are really well rounded and interesting kids. This post might be a little bit "soap box-ish" but I want to encourage parents to really take time to get to know your kids, and first you have to let them BE kids...and be who they are. I get sad when I see little clone kids or parents trying to force their children to fit into a mold. One of my sisters told me something I will never forget, she said "every kid goes through phases, but you have to let them experience it or they will always wonder or act out." I respect her and I agree, I grew up quite sheltered and there was so much I wanted more simply because nobody would explain it or let me in on the big secret.

My girls might have some rough edges, my family might say that I spoil them or indulge their whims, and maybe they are loud and hyper...they are the most incredible three girls I have ever met and I am intensely proud of each of them. I make it a point to tell them that too, because I want them to always know they are loved even when we have to leave a store because they are being wild monkey kids, they are loved when they are snuggling next to me while we read chapters of Harry Potter together, they are loved when they beg for impossible things, they are loved by me at all times and through all things, because it's the greatest gift I have been given...the chance to pour all my heart and all my love into the lives of these three mesmerizing souls.

{ capture forever heart, and understand the value of this moment in time. }

Quotes and stories to come... I'm getting sleepy and have a very ungodly alarm clock that will go off at a horrific time tomorrow.....