Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{self portrait} ~ austin area photographer

Self Portrait time...

This is a combination of "Introductions" and "Seven Deadly Sins."

Introducing myself yet again, to perhaps any new readers or just to reintroduce myself to anyone whose been around a while. I'd like to thank you for even visiting, so kind of you!

I'm Amelia. I love my girls, photography, my job(s), music, living, reading, running, and noticing all the small things in life. I don't like lies or negativity. Mostly I'm just sort of plain, but sometimes I like to try and mix up fashion and have fun. Nice to meet you!

{spc} - sloth + introductions

The sin is "sloth." I'm being super lazy today and this picture captured it, or at least I think it does... Just taking it easy in my bedroom, relaxing for my own portrait. Sounds a little cheesy now that I think about it and read what I just typed. Oh well, I suppose I do have a dose of cheese to me. ;)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

{old fashioned} - austin area child photographer

Last night I had the girls here with me.  Actually, Masyn and I had been together all day because she left school early with a fever.  I guess she just needed mama time because her temperature returned to normal within 30 minutes of me getting her from the school nurse's office.  I must be good medicine. ;)

As I was saying though, the girls were all here and since it was Friday we just sort of had a party.  My poor neglected pantry offered no easy outs for dinner.  Since I'm not really an "easy route" girl anyway, I decided that I would make something I've never tried before.... cinnamon rolls from scratch!  I mean, can't be that hard, right?  The reality of this for me, was that I had a blast getting flour everywhere and trying something totally new.  Yes, I am easily entertained....duh.

{first attempt}

After the dough was rolled, coated with yummy cinnamon goodness, and in the was playtime while we waited and our olfactory senses were tantalized.

There is a YouTube video that my girls adore.  If you haven't seen it, the next two pictures will not make a lot of sense to you, however, if you have seen it, then you will probably appreciate the "double head!" joke.  Sometimes we get funny looks in public because often one or all 3 of the girls will shout random lines from this silly little recording.

{double head}

Of course this is the "triple head!" version.  Masyn was really squashing Evelyn so we had to rearrange before they let me shoot.  I love this because Evy really was THAT happy, she wasn't being cheesy.

{triple head}

A rare a special big sis/lil sis moment.  Evelyn is super affectionate, but Avery isn't always so ready to snuggle.  Makes me smile each time I load this picture.  My sisters are some of my best friends and I truly want my girls to know the value of a good relationship with their sisters.

{big sis ~ little sis}

The moment of truth dawned as the timer sounded.... What would the outcome be?  How would the rolls look and taste?  Who cared?... not me, I was in euphoria watching my girls play and snapping pictures.


The result was extremely positive!  The girls all devoured their cinnamon rolls, asked for seconds, and gave me "thumbs up" with request that I make these every morning (or night, or both).  Hurray...success all around, beautiful.

Next was the "capture and kiss" game.  I'm big on hugs and kisses so I am always looking for fun ways to keep them flowing in my house and with the girls, I want to encourage outward display of affection.  Anyway the game is just like it sounds, I yell "kiss Avery" and they run to kiss her... or I yell "everyone kiss Evelyn!" and you get the idea.  This is my little kiss-collage.

{kiss collage}

No real story behind this except that Masyn refuses to be excluded from anything, even when I am shooting inanimate objects, she wants in the frame.  I can't blame her though, if I looked like her I would definitely want my picture taken non-stop.  Oh, and the plate was on the floor because Evelyn and I were having a little picnic style dinner, so Masyn literally laid her face to the kitchen tile for this shot.  LOL

{never left out}

Just one last image that I love so much.  My littlest beauty, Evelyn Blair with her special "Night-Night" that she carries everywhere.  I can't really tell you why I am so fond of this picture, technically speaking it's nothing amazing, but I keep picturing it on a canvas or gallery wrap.  Hmmm...sometimes pictures just strike me, this is one of those cases.

I want to remember this night with her forever, a picnic on the floor with my 3 year old... life at it's best!!!

I bet you are all sorry you asked for more pictures!  Be mindful of what you ask for when asking me...sometimes I go overboard you know. ;-)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

{2009 spc recap} ~ austin area photographer

The theme is clever this month for SPC: Flashback of 2009. So I could choose any of the 12 themes from 2009, but it had to combine at least two. I'm certain that I could make an argument that I have used several of the themes, but I'm going to claim 2 and leave the rest open to interpretation. :)

My intention was to do a diptych and incorporate tiny words (because I was pretty sad that I didn't take part that month).

{self portrait recap 09}

So there you have it, two glimpses at me side by side, each with a significance in my life somehow. The left side is a tattoo that few people know I have. I designed it about a year after Evelyn was born and it reminds me of a turning point in my life...that's why it has wings, it's when I learned that I could fly alone. The downfall to this little story is that I long for more and I have designs in my head that I envision having inked on my skin....addiction, it's an addiction. My resolve to not get tatted up is very strong though, all my tattoos have got to be deeply meaningful before I will consider really embellishing myself for life.

On the right, so silly, but to me something I can't escape... I have an obsession with my feet. I love for them to look nice, to wear nice shoes, basically they are a very pampered part of my body and I think maybe I go overboard taking time on them, however, it means something to me so I can't neglect them and de-value something that makes me happy. Besides, ugly, unkempt feet are gross.


Monday, January 18, 2010

{getting acquainted} - austin area pet photographer

Meet the newest member of my family... BetteDavis.

{bette davis}

BetteDavis is a long haired chihuahua. She is spoiled completely rotten, always held or in bed with us. She's great with the girls, I really pity her at times...Evy is still learning "gentle."

{bette davis}

Any tips on how to get puppies to not bite would be welcome. I look like I have a drug problem or self mutilation habit, my arms are dotted and scratched so badly! :)

Thanks for the loving comments on my last post. I won't lie, I've lost some friends over this as well as some family love/support. I am extremely grateful for you who hardly know me, but send your love and encouragement to me in all the hardest times in my life. Thank you!!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I promised an update and here is the beginning of the fulfillment of that promise...

So life here has changed a lot. Don't worry, it's been a long but positive transition, and it's definitely still in transition mode. I never shared on here because I feel it's personal and the story isn't for everyone at this point. My husband (referred to as "Adonis" on here) and I are no longer together. The road to this point was long and rocky, those who are close to me knew what was happening even when I tried my best to hide it and change it, but last year we reached the point where everything was clear. My surgery was also a great diversion from having to share any of this with you who have supported me for so long.

Now you know and maybe now my long absence makes more sense. Living alone means much more responsibility and that's a good thing, but it keeps me away. Also, I work a lot more these days. I will be a little more free since holiday in retail has passed....*sigh*

My Christmas gift to the girls was a well as a birthday present to myself. Get ready for pictures of her because I am aching to use my camera again and she is so darn cute I can't help but take pics all the time. The girls appreciate a break from being my constant muses anyway. :-)