Friday, October 31, 2008

a dog, a cheetah, and a ballerina

Who would ever imagine the grief I would have just trying to get one, ONE, decent picture in a dimly lit parking lot of three sugar starved girls?! Someone might think that they were eager to hop from car to car collecting candy or something... geez.

Actually that was exactly the case. Our church had a fun "trunk or treat" night and these were two pictures that emerged from the MANY I tried to take. The last is my favorite.... because it's truest, and because Masyn looks like she is being strangled by an invisible force (AKA patience).

My throw back music musing is another installment of my nostalgia series. Anyone else love Hanson? ;o)




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

nostalgia part 1

Perhaps it's the recent change in weather or maybe all the changes I have been going through personally. It might just be my age and the time in life when people get mushy and sentimental. Whatever the case, I have been carried away many times lately in my mind to my experiences growing up. I thought I would share some. I believe I will do this in a few installments so that you don't get sick of me and stop reading.

The smell of rice the other day reminded me of playing in the back of my dad's 18-wheeler rice trucks, sliding down with the rice as they unloaded it into the dryers. Dumping loads of rice out of my tennis shoes when I got home and itching for 3 days.

Then there was the tractor driving... what an adventure for me, at 14, I felt very grown to be able to handle a huge piece of equipment, and a trailer to boot! Those long, long summer days are some I hope to never forget.

Austin radio is quite diverse. I'm constantly hearing songs from my teenage years. I remember dancing with girl friends. Pretending I knew how to 2-step, but in reality just scooting along and hoping my dance partner was doing the 2-step. I miss dancing, I think I have forgotten how.

A specific tree has an aroma that throws me back to our summer vacations on the Guadalupe River. Swimming for hours on end, getting so tan that you could see tan lines through my clothes. We had a routine there, even though it was mainly to relax. We swam all day, napped, and then had special meals. At the end of the week we would all walk to a nearby cemetery and the teens would do something to scare us younger ones. That was my favorite week out of the entire year, for the first 15 years of my life.

Who would know now that I would be pet-less?! Growing up I had a million pets. I was the worst at naming them, ironically, since now I name everything with great care and thought. My first cat was a wild grey siamese cat, I named her Pooh-Bear. Poor cat. She was beautiful, maybe one day I will have another.

I loved to watch shows like Full House, Family Ties, Just The Ten of Us, and eventually grew into shows like Friends and Almost Home (which I might add...had some extremely COOL guest appearances by celebs before they made it big). The other day I was thinking about old MTV, when Jenny McCarthy was still on Singled Out.

All of these memories mean basically nothing, besides the fact that I am officially old enough to "have a past." I just find that lately I really know who I am, and I see how everything I have lived has shaped me. My likes and dislikes are reflections of my past, and I just feel like stopping to appreciate the life I have lived so far...and carry that with me so that I am grateful for something new each day.

Today I am grateful for many things, but to name sharp and vivid imagination that keeps these mental images crystal clear for me.


Monday, October 27, 2008

the city beat

just a quick little picture share and some music I love....

My boy, Jon McLaughlin (LOVE him) singing "Beating My Heart" from his new CD...and a photo I shot from the balcony of a hotel in Houston, TX Friday. I didn't get to go to Quilt Market, but I did get to be "press" at a little soiree at a skyline hotel.

{ houston }

This view was gorgeous, but terrifying for someone afraid of heights (such as myself). I like to push myself to embrace fear though, so I did look over the edge, once. :o)

I'll be sharing more thoughts soon, this morning I couldn't get my browser working, so I have to save my "lengthy" post for tomorrow when I have more time, I'm dead beat tonight!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

big girl panties

I've dreamed of this day, longed for this day, and I am proud and excited to announce: Evelyn is wearing big girl panties! We aren't 100% accident free yet, but she is doing super good. Hurray!

{big girl now}

She did ask me to buy her more pull-ups, but I held out, stood firm, and two days later we still have not purchased more disposables! This is very good news, I'm ecstatic.

While you enjoy tonight's music musing (Brett Dennen singing "Just Like The Moon), have a look at my good friend Lisa's gorgeous kiddos... in photos from a session on Sunday.

{family session}

{family session}

{family session}

xo~ Amelia

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more love, more music ;o)

It's late, I worked all day, ran 3.2 miles, and edited more pictures....

Dear readers, my post will be brief in words, but heavy in music and pictures. :o) Enjoy my new favorite boy, Brett Dennen singing "Darlin' Do Not Fear" and if you have time, look him up, he has a TON of awesome music!!!

Here are some more pictures I love from my session Sunday with my sister and her fiance. I'm so bias, I think they are super cute and I can't wait to see what their kids look like one day.

{ sigh }

{ wrapped up in love }

{ wrapped up in love }

{ sigh }


Sunday, October 12, 2008

sister woman is gettin' herself married

Forgive the cruel, slang subject line. I've been watching "The Long Hot Summer" and "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" too many times lately. I have that old "sister" line stuck in my head from both.

How fitting though, that this really is my sister, and she is really getting less than 2 months!! I'm so excited for her. Of course I was thrilled to be allowed to snap some engagement shots. Here are a few I have peeked at so far. I'll share a variety later in the week.

I love this one...

{holding you}

...but who can resist a smooching shot?

{holding you}

(sorry mom)

I heart them, aren't they sweet?!

{holding you}

More snuggles and kisses...

{holding you}

{holding you}

It feels so good to be shooting again. That sounds terribly crazed, but I'm not 100% lunatic, I'd estimate about 50% (on my good days). *grin*

Music musing is none other than Natasha Bedingfield. The song is called "Put Your Arms Around Me."


Friday, October 10, 2008

before you know it...and a p.s. tag

I do apologize for the lack of activity on my blog this week. I have two very good excuses (excuses nonetheless, but they are good) for the slow pace.

My first valid reason for being so quiet is that this week marks my first as a full time employee. So if you will lend me your grace while I adjust to being away more, I promise that I will not make a habit of abandoning you all for a week. :o)

The second thing is perhaps the bigger obstacle to my posting. I haven't made any real connections as far as photography goes in my new town... so I'm sort of running out of subjects and I know you must all be sick of seeing my girls play by a muddy lake. Good news on the horizon is that this Sunday I will be snapping my sister and her fiance, hurray! Also, I have a family session in a couple weeks and seniors from back home that are beginning to schedule... I'm so ready to share new pictures!

Thanks for all your patience lovely readers!

Here is a melancholy tune from the great Amos Lee, it's called "Colors" and I just love it. Hope you enjoy my musing over music and nothingness.


P.S. I was tagged to list 7 random facts about myself and the tag others. I'm going to tag: Chelsea, Gyl, Patrice, Jen, and Patty.

Fact 1: I'm addicted to perfume. Seriously, I want new perfume ALL the time.
Fact 2: I now use Anti-aging face wash.
Fact 3: Snickerdoodle icecream is my newest weakness.
Fact 4: If I could only keep ONE pair of my shoes, I would choose my red suede Chie Mahara's.
Fact 5: My favorite household chore is ironing (I know, there is something wrong with me... I've known that for a looong time).
Fact 6: I love pets, when they belong to someone else.
Fact 7: I was married in flip-flops.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

merrily by the lake

Because of my long and lazy break, my trigger finger feels a little rusty. I have been trying to practice more lately in preparation for upcoming photo shoots. Since I don't know many (pretty much zero) people in the new town, my girls have to be the subject on which I take aim. I'm sure when they are grown and see all the pictures of themselves they will be thrilled.*

* let me interject on this point. "I am the last of 6 children and upon a recent visit home, it was evident to all seated in my mother's living room, that there are about 2 pictures of me as a child."

Even if the girls don't love these pictures later, I do now, and I will cherish them forever.

{lakeside living}

They don't always like each other and they may not always play together perfectly (or even nicely at times)...

{lakeside living}

... but they really love each other. It warms my heart when they stick up for one another. I'm a big softy when they beg on behalf of the other to help get them out of trouble. I even think it's sweet when I hear them playing together hours after I have tucked them into bed.

Because that is sisterhood. Those are the things they will remember.

They will be best friends for life.

{lakeside living}

Avery, the-wanna-be-boss-and-almost-little-mama. She is growing up and beginning to grasp that she has to treat her younger sisters will care and not dominate because of her age. It's a precious gift to see this change taking place.

{lakeside living}

Masyn, oh Masyn. She's ten times perkier than any other child I've ever known, and to match her "perk," she is full of "quirk." I love it, she is pure entertainment and love bundled together. Not always the easiest, in many ways the hardest to raise, but also extremely rewarding.

{rock treasure}

Then Evelyn came along and rocked my whole world...and I couldn't be happier about this tiny surprise! Evelyn has spirit! She is so stubborn at times I feel like I will rip out my hair, one piece at a time. Yet, I have never known a more affectionate child in my whole life. We don't go anywhere without hugs and kisses (at least 2 for everyone), and multiple "I love you up to the sky and back" quotes, which she melts me with entirely. Yes, I need her in my life, she reminds me to tell everyone how much they mean to me and to touch, love, and embrace everything I hold dear. My sweet "Eve-win Bwair" as she calls herself.

{lakeside living}

These are memories I never want to lose, and I don't want my girls to miss seeing when they are all grown up.

{late afternoon}

Sisters are definitely something to take delight in!


ps. Music musing tonight features Jack Johnson singing "Better Together."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

seeing me

After a few months of a break from SPC, I am going to join the fun again. I was weary of a theme one month so I took a little holiday... now it's time to get back in the game and sharpen my skills. Nothing like a self portrait to challenge a photographer's skill, it's not nearly as easy as some make it look. It's possible that if I purchased a remote, I might end up in focus sometime. LOL, such a brilliant idea, but something I will most likely shirk still for quite a long time. Maybe Christmas.... maybe. I have boots on the brain.

So, the theme for October is mirrors. Genius! Mirrors are about the only way I can get a picture of myself, so this works very nicely for me. I shot this picture Saturday, before I knew about the new theme. Lucky break because I didn't have any other good reason to share this picture, but I really like it, so now it has "purpose." *grin*


Easily you can see me in Adonis' sunglasses, but if you really try, you can also see Masyn, Evelyn, and my fabulous niece Taylor. 5 people in one extreme close up, I'm very pleased! It takes little to make me giddy, I'm crazy over the simple pleasures of life!

After many people requesting that I stop deleting songs (because they haven't had a chance to listen by the time I delete....oops) I am now going to add new songs to the top of the playlist, so you may skip to something else that is featured on a different post.

Today's music musing is "Mirror Mirror" by Whiskeytown. Perhaps a little too cliche, but still a fun song for this post.

xo~ Amelia

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a long look back

There is no way...

Vainly, my first reaction is that I cannot be 26 years old (I feel stuck eternally at 25). My second reaction is a tender one, my motherly side. This side of me says that there is no way it has been 10 years since I gave birth to this sweet girl.

Would I have ever guessed that life would bring so many unexpected blessings from such an awkward situation? Never. The Lord has made beauty from the ashes of my bad decisions. Everyday I am grateful that this is the case, because had it not been for my lack of good judgement, I would not have Avery and I just can't imagine life without her!

{ reminiscing }

Avery and me, at ages 1 and 17. Proof that I have tried to rock out the red for me?...not so much.

Tomorrow she turns 10. It's not possible. The math works number wise, but the years, the memories, they have all happened too quickly. How can this be?!

Just as I said above, I'm stuck around age 25...I have placed Avery in my mind forever about the age 5, as she appears in this next picture. I guess it's something we all have to grow through. I"m trying desperately to let her grow and to be right there for her through *SHRIEK* female adolescence, but it's so hard to see her grow up! I think we can even share a bra now.

{ reminiscing }

Please give me wisdom all you women who have endured so gracefully through these years with your daughters. Does it get easier to watch them grow up or more difficult? I want to keep her my baby forever, and yet there is something so exciting on the horizon of being able to share a bond with her deeper than just mama and baby, but mother and friend.... perhaps I am an idealist.

My music musing today is one of my very most favorite songs ever. You are listening to Ray LaMontagne sing "Hold You In My Arms." I love this song so much and I felt like it was very suitable to today's randomness and whining on my behalf.

xo~ Amelia