Thursday, January 29, 2009

simple pleasures

Tonight I am a bit silly... just been reading ALL these "25 things about me..." on Facebook and it's got me thinking about all kinds of things. Namely, I've been realizing how many simple things I take pleasure in. I thought it would be a healthy and happy list for me to make, maybe not 25, but off the top of my head... an un-calculated list of simple things that make me happy.


the way it feels when I hand gather a ruffle and pin it to another piece of fabric.

the hum of my sewing machine.

the mighty click of my shutter in my camera.

mermaid hair after a day of french braids.

{mermaid hair}

french braiding.

hot tea.

new books.

old books.


when someone small looks at me like this.

and if I am ever sad, I just have to look at this face and everything is all right.



text messages.

no traffic.

a clean sink.

sweat after running.

popping my back.

This list has gotten long fast, I'm so glad. If anyone needs a sure fire way to feel better instantly, write out a list of things that make you will generate good feelings almost immediately.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a little scared of heights

Sadly, I have to admit that when my thyroid went bonkers, I totally got off track with "flying."

That's right, I was flying, and then I crashed, burned, and tried feebly to fly again, but it never happened. So I think I was living in denial for a while, and I have to add that I was getting very worn out trying to fly without any tips or help.

Some of you might be thinking "what in the blue sky is Amelia rambling about?" Yeah, I get that a lot so don't feel too badly. In this case though, I actually have a really good point and a very helpful hint that some of you might not have heard about yet. She's been around a while, but I don't run into many people who are familiar with the flylady.


If you haven't joined, I strongly urge you to give it a shot. I'm signing back on to fly once more and I am super excited, my poor home needs TLC and flylady helps it to not be overwhelming. This is very exciting and scary because now that I have let you all know two things which are hard to swallow: 1, my house is messy; 2, I am going to try and rectify the messy house situation.

My humiliation must run hand in hand with my success because I feel compelled to share the most embarrassing things, and I do this to myself almost weekly. So, even though my mirrors may be streaked with finger prints, my life is like a newly Windexed piece of glass.

My first order of business is the shiny sink (flylady works by baby steps, which helps me a great deal). Today my score is B-, because I had it all clean and dishes washed, but then I cooked a treat and failed to wash the mixing bowl. I suppose I could run in there and wash it now.... I will sleep better if I do that. Yes, consider that bowl washed and I will change my score to A!

Tomorrow will bring a new challenge, I am anxious to know what it will be. I do have my ready-made list of errands in town, I have to run, and I am really hoping that I will be able to scoot into the library and check out a new book, I've been crazy lusting after something new to read. Oh I forgot to mention that we have a winter storm advisory tonight so my whole morning could be thrown out of whack if the roads are icy. How do people live where there is ice and snow in winter?... you are my heros and you have my pity. I can't wait until the warm Texas days come back, next week should be better. ;o)

Goodnight, I'm off to wash a bowl so I can have a clear conscience.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

reaching for my roots

It's no secret that I have been working crazy hours. Something that is perhaps not known is that with our move this past Summer, we downsized (which basically means that I no longer have a sewing room/office). My sewing and design things are scattered in various cabinets, trying to be kept out of reach of curious and experimental 2 and 4 year olds. Some of my things are not even unpacked. :o( So the last time I created an outfit was.... *gasp* Summer.

I miss it SO much! Maybe it's because I'm dealing with some homesickness from a recent visit back home. No matter the case, I totally need to get my hands on some fabric and SEW. My plan is to make Evelyn and Masyn each an outfit and baby doll for their birthdays, they will be 3 and 5 on February 13th and 12th (which I can't even begin to believe).

{ S F B } - reliving my past

There is an outfit I loved and still love. I want to buy some new fabric so badly.... but we are trying to save every penny here, so if anyone is interested in a fabric swap shoot me an email, seriously! :o)

My 26 previous years were all spent within 15 miles of the same two cities. Oh sure I traveled every now and then, but I lived in ONE small area. I've loved the move for so many reasons. Yet, after visiting home on Wednesday I got a serious case of homesickness. I just missed my BFF Sherry and having lots of photography work, really I think I missed everything "familiar." I'm really excited though that as this week has continued, I am encouraged that I am meeting new friends and my life here is beginning to take root. I just want to grab hold of the things like sewing and photography that truly inspire me and keep me tapping into my artistic side. I wouldn't be me without some hands on artsy projects and jobs!

May you each revel in your dreams and ambitions and enjoy seizing the moments to do what you love!


Friday, January 23, 2009

where has she been? - {austin area photographer}

she (being me, Amelia) has been working, cleaning, cooking, shooting, driving, sleeping (hardly enough to make the list), editing, running, washing, designing, sketching, planning, and basically trying to catch up on everything. I think it's getting back under control, but then again I believe that I have a closet filled to the brim of things waiting to be ironed. Oh well, life goes on and it's a fun ride.

I have a little show tonight from a maternity series I am doing with the sweetest new friend. She is 11 weeks pregnant and Sunday we shot the first of her tiny bump. I can't get over how pretty she is and what incredible shape she is in! I want to look like this and I'm not even preggers. :o)

I thought this would be a fun way to measure her growth as we go along... she is barely through the frame ...

11 weeks and counting...

This fun shot was her idea and I love it! Someone gave the little Superman onesie as a gift and it made just the best little prop.

11 weeks and counting...

Love this...

11 weeks and counting...

...and who doesn't love the heart poses? I know I love them.

11 weeks and counting...

I'm almost getting baby fever....almost.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

golden nostalgia

The song you are now hearing played this morning on a local radio station and I fell smitten to the ballad. Not just because it's crazy good and possibly the coolest cover of a song I have ever heard, but also because it takes me back in time, back to my teenage days in a way that is mellow and almost like watching a movie of my past (and in my imagination the movie is really throw back and grainy like The Wonder Years opening credits on reel film). Sorry... I get carried away, but that gives you an idea.

I decided the best way to describe how I feel and what my mind sees when I hear this song, was to recreate the mood by picture. So, here are a couple pictures from my Christmas card trial shoot, to how the gold, sun drenched memories, now showing in my head.

one day they will love this shot

Days were longer when I was younger. I don't remember being cold very many time as a teen. At this moment I am only able to recall these metallic and beautiful images that I want to jump into and savor (right now!), as I try to rub my feet against my sheets to warm them by friction. Oh Summer, hasten to me please!

sun on my golden princess

Reality is a good thing to stay in touch with, but not to get overwhelmed by. So I think it's okay tonight if I fall asleep and let my thoughts and reminiscing evolve into dreaming, and my dreams prepare me for another cold day on which I am warm with love and gratitude (and maybe a cup of hot tea to boot!).

To learn more about tonight's music musing song and inspiration to this post, check out this blog.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new site - {austin area photographer}


After many hours on editing, rearranging, learning codes and tricks, and messing up a MILLION times.... my new website is live!! The link is brand new so it's sometimes still loading as my old site, but if you see a black background, you've just witnessed the new face of Intimate Photography By Amelia! exact link if you want to share it. ;o)

I'm so grateful for all the well wishes and encouragement!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

laying down self

This is a humbling post to write and though I doubt it will be read by those who felt affronted in the last few weeks, I know in my deepest being that it's something I have to say out in the open and lay it bare so that I can have real peace.

Without a trace of menace, honestly, I injured family members who mean the world to me. It was purely unintended, but snowballed to something large and cancerous. Instead of stopping this before it avalanched on top of me and those I hold dear, I planted myself firm in my indignation, and tried to defend my side. At this point I take fault. That is the place in time where I lost focus of life and looked only at my own hurt, my own pain, and my own previous actions. Instead of moving forward, I tried to force others to see my side of an event. For this, I am beyond upset with myself. I detest this. So, I apologize to you two, if you read this, you know who you are... and if you are related to me, I'm sure that you have been informed of who they are. I'm sorry for being upset when my actions were questioned and losing site of the bigger picture in order to defend my own pride. Pride is a nasty word to me and I can't believe I wreaked so badly of self pity through out those couple of weeks when I was feeling so hurt. Peace and joy should always be my motivation and I ask that you both forgive me for trying to make you see my side and my injuries.

I love you both, both are equally important to me, and both are not just my family, but my BFF's for life.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

every free minute

It's been a few days, sorry about that. I've been spending all my "free" time with these fabulous girls....

{ l u c k y }

Going to the lake that is almost dried up...

{ l u c k y }

writing names in the san... mud... I mean really it's dirt because there isn't much water.

{ l u c k y }

{ l u c k y }

Putting puzzles together and fun stuff like that.

{ l u c k y }

Eating Doritos with ballerinas (or fairies, depending on the mood of the aforementioned). Yes, indeed, I have been quite spoiled by my evenings at home and making the most of my days off.

{ l u c k y }

One more thing that has been consuming my time once those darlings are asleep (which they are trying desperately to stretch out), I am building a new website for my photography and it's been a huge learning curve for me. I'm not doing it from scratch, because let's face it, I'm just not inclined toward technology and the in's and out's of it all. My patience with such things runs out when I have finished the meagre amount of editing I know how to do.

So yes, the website has kept me up a little later than I should be awake, has stolen time from my precious blog, but fear not readers, I think it will prove worth the sacrifice. So far, I really like it!

Music musing tonight is how I feel "the luckiest" by Ben Folds. I must be about the luckiest mom in the world, I LOVE these girls!!!!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

out takes - {austin area child photographer}

Not all shoots go peaches and cream smooth. My own girls are often my biggest challenges when it comes to taking pictures. They do pretty good individually, but all three can be quite a daunting task.

Here is one that didn't make it in the Christmas email...

{out takes}

Just another fun one to share with them when they grow up. :o)

Love this catchy new song from Eric Hutchinson ~ "Rock & Roll."


Thursday, January 1, 2009

... remembering 2008 ...


There will be no rhyme of reason to my list, I'm just tossing out the things that I recall from 2008 (not all with fondness). There were a great many things for which I am grateful and I few I could have done without, but they have shaped me, formed me, chiseled my character a little more, and above all, helped me to learn who I truly am that much more. As of tomorrow I can honestly say that by 27, I'm more sure of myself than I was at 26, and I know that through happiness and pain, who I am doesn't change. When everything in my world is upside down, my Savior loves me through, my husband comforts me, and my family reminds me of the true blessing of open, loving, relationships. I want to kiss and hug my lovely family more in 2009 than I did in 2008. Now, back to my list.... sorry, I get distracted.

1. Moving to this new city and completely changing life as I knew it!
It's been a tough but good move. It took so much faith and a lot of support from friends and family, but we made the move and have been very blessed and tried through it. We would like to get out more, that's one of our "resolutions." :o)

2. Intimate Photography was really booming for me in 2008 and I miss it a lot. I hope I continue to challenge myself and grow in my skill as I wait for things to pick up here as they were back in Wharton. I miss shooting seniors especially.

3. Substitute teaching. I subbed a great deal in 2008 and I loved it. I learned from the experience what I never knew about public school growing up... I feel better prepared for my girls to enter high school, I will never be naive to what they will be exposed to.

4. Going back to school in 2008 was possibly the best thing I did. I can't even express how badly I miss it. I'm such a nerd. Writing papers and even doing algebra homework thrilled me, I loved it. My english professor is someone that I miss immensely. I think about her a lot, and if by some chance she reads this, I pray she will forgive my wreched writing. Thank you Miss A for all your time and patience, I loved being in your class!

5. The worst by far was getting the Chicken Pox. I would not wish this on anyone, I was itching and in so much pain I was pretty much suicidal. Even though I was miserable and wanted to die, I am glad that it is now behind me (except for a few scars) and my girls have now all had those horrible little dots and will not have to endure that pain at age 26.

6. Twilight, the movie. I don't really need to add details to that, I was so glad to finally see it. :o)

7. Breaking Dawn, long awaited conclusion to the Twilight saga. It didn't quite meet my expectations, but it was good to finally have closure to the love story I had been agonizing over.

8. Reuniting with my old BFF Emily. This happened toward the end of 2008 and I have loved being back in touch. I even wrote a post about her and coming back together after so long. I never want to lose touch again.

9. Learning about my thyroid. I knew something was amiss and although it is not all better yet, it's so much better knowing that I have a real problem that can be treated and I'm not just going crazy.

10. Lots of nights running with my friends, I miss you girls and my treadmill does not hold a candle to you guys.

11. In 2008, I developed my addiction to The Hills.

12. I also developed an addiction to false eyelashes. I look for any excuse to wear them.

13. December 2008, I went brunette. I need to share a new picture now....

{dressed up}

That is my niece Taylor (LOVE YOU!) and me, at my sister's wedding on December 28th.

14. My sister got married this year, just before her 30th birthday. She has been so ready to be married and I am very excited for her!

15. Trips with Daria and Megan! In 2008 I was lucky enough to meet up with Daria 2 times and Megan once (because she was awaiting her new little bundle in October so she couldn't come to Quilt Market Houston). I love those ladies so much and getting to see them is a highlight to every year it happens.

16. Finding no line panties, seriously a big thing in my year of 2008! Revolutionized my life.

17. Visiting new churches. This has been scary and eye opening, but it makes me happy to let you all know we have found a church home where we truly feel God has lead us.

18. Masyn saying "Rock out the rum."

19. Evy singing all her fun songs.

20. Working outside my home. It's been really hard for me but very rewarding as well. Every stage in life has challenges and this is certainly no exception for me. I love work, but I long for a break.

21. Meeting Amy Butler. OMG, there just aren't any other words. :o)

I suppose that if anyone is still reading, they are hoping I will wrap this list up soon... so your wish is my command. It's over, that's my little year in review. Thanks for reading, thank you especially for emails and comments, letting me know I am not alone and that I write not only for self expression, but to connect with others who enjoy reveling in the glory of the little things life brings us each day! Thank you all!!!