Sunday, July 31, 2011

{ summer epilogue } ~ austin area child photographer

The hot days here in Texas where temperatures reach 106 degrees regularly are my favorite. My body responds to the warmth and somehow I am reminded that I am alive and I feel it in my skin. I want to pause the seasons here for a while.

The girls went school supply shopping this week, it's basically right around the corner. My days of having these fun little ladies around all day are numbered and I am not yet ready to send them back to school for more than half the day. It's so bittersweet, because they too love summer but are anxious for their new school year, each moving into a big new place in their education.

Avery will be in the 7th grade. She loved 6th and embraced theatre arts and drama. This year she will be able to participate in even more because she will be joining as a veteran thespian.

{ never too old }

Masyn is headed into the 2nd grade. She is reading and practicing her math skills, I have no doubt she will do well this year, I can see her changing all the time and becoming more gentle and aware of those around her, I think she will make a lot of new friends. Her attention to detail surpasses any I have witnessed and I believe that will aid in her school work.

{ the air on fire }

Evelyn is 5 years old and will have her first year of official schooling this fall, she begins Kindergarden. I am fairly sure that all she is concerned about is her social standing in the class and I don't foresee any problems there except perhaps with her teachers if she gets too distracted from the work. She is a little chatty bug and always having fun, the more structured class that she will be going into might be a very good challenge for her. Hopefully she will learn the perfect balance of school work, talk, play, and rest.

{ Evy-ness }

While we still have these hot sunshine days I want to play in the pool, lay around watching movies, and squeeze in as many full days with my bebes as possible. I love summer.

{ 2 months left in 12 }

{ my bleached bebe }

{ she'll get you with her James Dean glossy eyes }


Monday, July 4, 2011

{ heart full of ramble } ~ austin area photographer

Truly just have so much on my mind right now and finding it hard to know what to share, if I should share, and really what's worth letting rest on my mind. June was a strange month with many smiles, tears, and emotions. I want to celebrate the good.

These two little ladies really helped me get through a whole 5 weeks without their big sister. We all missed her and were ready for her to return from camp, but we also are learning to see June as our month for adventures. As previously posted we do a lot of childish things that make my heart so happy.

{ they put me on the top of the world }

June also brought with it a spirit of romance. I love these carvings on the tree branch where we hike because it reminds me that we are all part of a giant love story. Though my story is at a pause it has sparked an interest for me to observe and begin a writing project about relationships. I guess you could say that I've really connected to the old saying "those who can't do, teach."

{ love leaves it's mark }

I love that Masyn will hang from branches and isn't scared of much. Her trust in nature and confidence in her own strength is exciting. This picture makes me smile.

{ hanging on a branch in the tree of love }

While yard sale shopping a while back I finally found something I have been hunting down for many years. I found an old fashioned card game, specifically Old Maid. My Me-Maw had a set of Old Maid cards when I was little and it was my sister and my favorite game to play with her. She would laugh so hard and make us laugh as well. The characters were retro and cool and I have never found anything that came close to being as cool. When I stumbled onto this set I was SO excited. We have been playing it a ton and my girls love it as much as I remember loving it at my grandma's house. We play almost daily.

{ like being a child again }

{ don't get caught with the Old Maid }

{ vintage cards }

Now to wrap up, just a couple pretty pictures of these girls I am so lucky to have in my life. When I capture them in photos I often just sit and muse over how stunning and full of personality they are. Do other parents all feel the same thing about their kids? They amaze me each day, even when they are out of control wild. They are the reason my heart knows how to love so much.

{ a doodly-doo }

{ always pondering }

Just as a closing note, I want to say how much I miss my friends who are moving away or who I have moved away from. Cherish all the little pieces of time you have to hug your friends and hang out because when they are gone and you have only a phone or keyboard to connect, there is a spot where they should be and it hurts a little. To a special four ladies who may or may not read this, I miss you so much.