Tuesday, November 15, 2016

{ whence } - yogi. mama. writer. wonderer. austin, tx

The grass was neon green and for a moment she was washed in gold just before the sun dipped behind the trees and sank beneath the horizon.
The scene was stunning and her heart was in her throat.
How had she seen this so many times and this day been so enthralled?
She wished for change, healing, and less of the noise in her head.
This day her soul was calling her back.
Signs and guides were singing to her from the dark, freshly churned earth.
Agitation rose from her chest and onto her lips as a smile which she kissed to the clouds above.
Traffic was at a halt and people stared.
For so long she had forgotten her wonder and bravery.
No life should not be taken for granted or too seriously.
She remembered joy and poise were her leaders and expression was essential.
She watched changing colors burn into the night as she sent prayers and intentions to Heaven.
The moon bathed her with it's powerful light and she was mutually chilled and warmed.
Animals nuzzled her softly and the cups spilled over with wisdom.
Strength is her virtue and she reclaimed it wholeheartedly.
Into the temple she craves to go, to that sacred place where her light is rekindled.
She seeks the balance of tenderness and firmness, body and mind.
Open to the message, willing to witness the signs, and patient in the delivery of all.
Aging takes her closer to peace even as the journey brings pain and disappointment.
Release hurts her deeply, her soul seems so sure.
There is no room or way for her to continue without letting go.
The eye of the needle before her glimmers and torments her.
Then light hits the metal and a sparkle reflects off the tear rolling down her cheek.
Three lights join as one and she knows this struggle is her beauty, her healing, and her future.