Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's an obsession

Today at work I will be shooting photos again... of my newest obsession...

the boyfriend jean.


I've tried on several pair of this style jean by various designers and brands. This pair is undoubtedly my favorite! They look and fit amazing. Find them on Anthropologie's website by clicking HERE. Compared to a lot of the other AG styles, this pair if rather inexpensive (I did say "compared to..").

So a few tips on how to wear these...

Not too tight. They will stretch to fit you just right, but these are supposed to look a little slouchy.

With relaxed tops, like white tee shirts and peasant tops.

With something "boy" inspired, like little vests.

With some platforms or wedge heels and cuff the pants.

Hope you find your perfect denim, even if it's not these gems. Good luck in the hunt. I will give honorable mention to a super cheap pair I found at the GAP, but they still didn't sniff the awesomeness of this pair of AG's. I do have a self diagnosed case of "AG obsession."

This beautiful tune is by Band Of Horses, the song is called "No One's Gonna Love You."

Now it's time to dress and head to work on this fantastic, cloudy, Wednesday morning!


Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've just finished my run and I am super sweaty, but all I can think of today (well not ALL.... but a large amount of my thoughts) is how much I want it to be hot enough to swim! My air conditioner is also broken, so I am relying on windows. It's breezy and nice out, which is brilliant on a regular day, but I want to swim, so maybe I should close all the windows and have my own sauna. The problem there is that the girls sort of get wild crazy mean when they get too warm, it's some weird thing that is linked between temperature and a persons temper.

This is where I would love to be.. it's a beach in Brazil, isn't it gorgeous?! *sigh*


Honestly there is a great deal on my mind besides swimming.. I'm in a great mood despite my lack of a heated pool to appease my longing for the water. This week has been amazing, so upbeat and exciting, each day has I have been able to enjoy things like laughing, hugging, being with friends and family, walking on a beautiful day, funny stories, and inside jokes.... I want to make next week even more outstanding, I can't wait to see what it brings!

So I'm playing Pearl Jam's version of "Last Kiss" today, because I've just been in a real "pearl jam" kind of mood today... ran to them today and it was a good GOOD run, I feel ready to lounge by the pool now (even if it's too cold to dip in).


Sunday, April 19, 2009

make me go "hmmm"

Just going to post the random things I've mulled over recently and haven't taken time to blog about....

Tonight I ran and played my recently downloaded Taylor Swift album. As much as I hate to even admit this, I am now a fan. Honestly, I can't say exactly why, I guess multiple reasons. I don't think she sings the best, but that kind of makes it more fun to sing along with her. I had a good run to Miss Taylor and I noticed that she likes to sing about rain and being in the rain romantically.... that was a little side-thought-bonus there for you guys, listen to her songs and you will hear how many times she refers to being in the rain and also being awake after 12 AM.


I have been baking a lot lately. I do like to cook, but I am also working a great deal and trying to stick to grocery budget so I haven't been lavish in the kitchen. What I have been doing is making delicious treats to offer as a "make up" for my lack of fun dinners and never going out for treats. The conclusion I have come to is that I make killer cookies that rival some bakery shops and I think that might be the ace in my pocket to making my girls smile, they think I am a stellar cook just because I can make cookies. This is awesome.

I found this great song by Matt Wertz, but I can't get a good recording to post on here, so if you are interested in hearing it, search Matt Wertz "Waiting." Maybe you will enjoy it, maybe not, but I I just thought I would share. I wonder why I can't find good recordings of the songs I like the most... frustrating!

Now would be a good time to interject that I have Matt Wertz on here today as my music musing. This is "Heartbreaker."

So I am planning to wake up with a smile tomorrow and keep it all day. I had a semi rough week, just tension building about a big upcoming event in my life.... I will give more details another time, but the gist is that I have a major surgery in the next few weeks and I'm starting to stress about all that I have to do before that...and recovering after. Back to my point.. I am choosing to stop letting the worry and stress eat my joy and energy! I had a small disappointment this weekend and in the middle of it I realized that I was wallowing. Yep, I wallowed for a bit before I decided to LEARN... once I chose to change my mind about it, I started to feel better and even kind of laugh about it. So from that I decided to enter my week that way, with a Monday smile.

Okay this post is pretty much pointless, but it felt good to write and share, I have been running around so much that I have hardly been able to blog about all the silly things I want to, the things that cross my mind that probably don't matter, but seem fun to share.... yes, I miss sharing those. Do any of you miss reading those zany things? Haha.

One more thing I forgot to add is my new Twitter addiction. It's kind of scary how fun it can be just to read what people are doing and post random thoughts. What can I say, I am just super easy to entertain! It really doesn't take much to grab my interest... except with books and movies, those I am picky about.

Shoot, that reminded me of one more thing I was going to say. I wanted to go see that new movie "17 Again" and of course I never get to go to the movies, and today I woke up to find out that Avery went to see it last night with a friend and wanted to tell me ALL about it....which is an extreme pet peeve of mine, I hate to hear about movies before I see them. I "shhhhh'ed" her quickly and now I am planning to add it to my Newflix que right away so I can watch it while I recover from surgery.

That's all I've got... seriously, I'm done wasting your time with these off-the-wall-do-not-go-together-at-all thoughts. Love you all for reading this far, goodnight!!


p.s. Yes, that picture is a real shot from my kitchen of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies I made that were A----mazing. :o)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lake travis - {austin area photographer}

I spent my Easter evening with a beautiful family at their lake house taking pictures. I had a great time with this crew, they were so laid back and chill, and did I mention that they were beautiful? I want to say "Thank You" for the wonderful time at your house by the lake!

The session was so successful, that they now have 67 proofs in their gallery... I just pulled a few for my awesome readers to see a sneak peek of. I might try to resize more later this week... but I have been editing ALL day and now I have to run off all this Easter candy and a huge plate of french fries that I ate yesterday. :o)

{a day by the lake}

{a day by the lake}

{a day by the lake}

{a day by the lake}

The song playing is (embarrassingly) "Breathe" by Taylor Swift. I do NOT typically enjoy any country music, but this song has something that grabs me, perhaps because it was co-written by Colbie Caillat.

Thanks for stopping by and check back, maybe I will get time to load some more from this session... between my two closing shifts at Anthro this weekend. ;o)


Monday, April 13, 2009

high key spc - {austin area photographer}

Another week of self portrait challenge. It's such a good way for me to push myself a little each week creatively as well as forcing me to try and take my own picture, which I admittedly stink at.

The theme for April is High Key/Low Key. Last week I explored low key me, and not too artistically... mostly metaphorically. So for round #2, I chose to go high key because I love to over expose pictures and have blown out spots. I know it's really baaad technically speaking, but my artsy side loves the faded and washed out look.

spc ~ {high key me}

That's me, up close, blown out, being utterly silly (which I do love a good hearty dose of silliness), and experimenting with my own portrait. I love these challenges, even though I always feel a little narcissistic when posting them.

Music musing is Coldplay's song "Lost!" from the Viva La Vida album.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

a little past

Just finished putting the girls to bed and singing them my favorite song from childhood. I found a version by Johnny Cash and it's very much suiting to my mood tonight.

I think my last post was partially misunderstood. I didn't mean to imply that I want to always be flawed... just that I am okay with "me" as I get through my baggage and issues that I have to overcome. Life is not going to be easy, but I certainly don't want to stress over the pieces of my life that are in the process of change. I can't rush life, can't rush growth, it all happens in time, so I have to live in peace in the meantime. I hope I don't have glaring faults forever, I don't believe I will... and that hope is what helps me be happy in the present, even when I am not close to perfection.

Just sharing some heart stuff there, thanks for letting me vent.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

me for spc - {austin area photographer}

This is me.

{low key}

The theme for April at SPC is "High Key/Low Key."

This is me, low key me.

Most of my photography is high key, I like bright whites and blown out spots. For myself though, I am a low key girl most of the time. For instance, this is a picture of me on a day off. I didn't fix my hair, it went into a ponytail and under a fedora. I like to get dressed up, but I love to be comfortable.

In recent talking with a friend I have discovered that the older I get, the more "okay" I get with me. I am extremely flawed, but somehow that just has to be okay. Flaws can add price to antiques, denim, furniture, and other things... why not to people as well. I think sometimes it's our "low" points that bring out the most beauty, so I'm just making a choice right now to accept my blemishes (and yes, I have several at the moment), shortcomings, failures, and other problems with me. I am a work in progress and these things are just making the finished product of "me" more lovely.

So cheers, to a more lovely me and hopefully this post will empower someone else to grab hold of this freeing concept is to being "okay" as our rough edges are made smooth over time and accepting the imperfections that makes us unique and beautiful.

Music musing is by Lenka, the song is called "The Show."