Wednesday, December 9, 2009

much to say...

...and hardly the time just now. Also, I lack internet access on a regular basis. I promise that my update and even a few pictures are coming very soon. I'm still alive and for that I am grateful, as well as much my heart swells with gratitude for so many things and I will be back soon to share it!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{my nyc} - austin area photographer

Why did I fall in love with New York City at age 12? Well first and foremost I read "The Baby-Sitters Club" books and the New York special edition book (the thicker white one) was my all time favorite. In the pages of that book I found a place I knew one day I wanted to go. The older I got, the more I watched and read about The City. Breakfast At Tiffany's might possibly have sent me over the edge into obsession.... also the movie "You've Got Mail" was another where I wanted to simply jump into the screen and live.

{ n y c }

So at age 22 I had my first real taste of that east coast air. However it was extremely short, like 3 or 4 hours in NYC, on foot only, I wasn't able to sight see just left me hungry for more.

5 whole years later, I impulsively purchased my ticket and flew to New York! Luckily I have this beautiful friend...

{ n y c }

..who let me crash on her couch for 2 nights and took me all around town for an entire day! THANK YOU SO MUCH (and thank you to her husband too, what a trooper to take us out and go to work the next day, twice!). You guys are the best, I miss you tons!

{ n y c }

We walked and rode the subway, took a stroll through Central Park and sipped hot cocoa! It was incredible, just the getaway I have been needing. There was shopping done, lots of amazing conversation, and some delicious food consumed!

{ n y c }

I'm pretty silly, but the one thing I HAD to buy was a Yankees cap, because I love them (sorry to disappoint my Astro fanatic family)! I don't have a picture yet of my favorite new hat, but I snapped some pictures in the Yankee Clubhouse store because it was definitely a highlight for me. PS. my hat is green, not conventional but it looks pretty darn good next to my dark hair so vanity won over tradition. I will attempt to take my own picture soon, but don't send me hate mail if it takes a while... I've been SUPER busy and this month only looks like it speeds up from now on. :o)

{ n y c }

Best trip I've had, I literally can't wait to go back... even if just for another speedy getaway like this one, it was perfection.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

{sagacious} - austin area photographer

The first sneak from the wedding I shot in September. Isn't Miss J a gorgeous bride?!

I chose a few of my favorites from what I have finished so far... I have SOOO many more to go through it's a bit absurd, but sweet that there were so many special moments to capture. When I shoot it's always about a story going on in my head, I guess it's how I see everything in life, there is always something more than what meets the eye. These are my favorites because I feel like I can clearly see the deeper meaning and feel exactly what I felt when I decided to press down on the shutter button....

I've known J and her father a long time, and they are both strong people. This tender moment passing between them is priceless. I want to print this on a giant canvas just because I think it's so special and a photo that years from now will mean even more to them than it does now. I wish I had more photos with my dad...he's the best man/daddy I've ever known.

{ father +  daughter }

J seemed so calm and yet so excited about her wedding. In these two pictures I think it's very clear how she was focused on what was coming and not being lost in the details of a "wedding," she was just ready for the love of her life to take her away.

{ w e d d i n g }

{ w e d d i n g }

...and her little Mr. C is still the center of everything for her. No matter how ready and excited for her "own" day, she was putting him first the whole day. I pretty much melted when she was fixing his hair, they call it "putting handsome on." Aww... such a cute mama and boy.

{ w e d d i n g }


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

it's time

I had a different day in mind for my day off work, but this day evolved in a way that makes me happy to say my predictions were way off. I planned on working on photos, not self portrait though..which is what I am sharing below.

Most of you knew before my surgery, as I did post those grotesque pictures back in May. For any stragglers or (fat chance) newcomers, I had spinal fusion from L3 to T4 (I think) and a section removed from 3 of my ribs on the left side. It was hellacious and I hope to never have surgery again. My mom was such a trooper to put up with my daily complaints and begging to be euthanized.

The doctor said I would feel better in 6 months and by a year I will be stronger and happier than before surgery. Well, I guess I'm healing "okay," but I'm not a patient person and I have pushed myself a little more than I should have at times. I have been scolded for it, so please spare me any more verbal flogging. Thanks. ;-)

{get straight}

I went back to work full time after about 3 months. Since that point I have made progress such as being able to buckle my shoes (yes, that was impossible), touch the floor, do most of my pilates again, and lift things over 10 lbs. Wow, baby steps. Today though, I was restless and had so much energy... I just needed to run... something I've missed since the day I went under the knife. November 15th is my 6 month mark, where I will be officially cleared for pretty much all normal activity (in moderation). Not so reluctantly I am admitting to you that I ran. I ran and I loved it. I felt like such a stiff and awkward lug, but it was so good to feel a little burn, to sweat like a race horse, and to let myself feel 100% free.

After my run I finished up my workout and showered and then I felt compelled to finally shoot my "after" self portrait. This is me, I'm straight and yeah, still quite frustrated with how limited my flexibility is... but I'm moving, I'm running, I'm not scared of the garish scar that Masyn lifted my shirt to show her new friend from the bus today (yeah, she thinks I'm her personal freak show). I don't know if I believe my doctor yet, if I will ever be glad I chose to have this surgery.... but I am crossing my fingers and enjoying the small triumphs that I am experiencing.

{get straight}

And to my very best and beautiful Canadian friends.. Lady GaGa showing love to the word you've given me to replace my idiotic sounding "huh." Eh, eh!!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

a wedding ~ {austin area photographer}

Weddings are a big job. I have only done a couple. Today I'm driving back to my old town to shoot for a sweet friend who is getting married tonight! I just purchased a Speedlite so I can safely attempt indoor shots no matter what time of day or the light... this is insanely exciting to me. What a nerd I am, a flash made my whole week.

In preparation for this event, I not only bought the flash, I also worked all week in order to have off on the weekend. I love work and I tend to give myself entirely over to whatever I am doing, so I pretty much was out of steam by 7 PM when I arrived home last night. I had a snack and went to take a "nap." The nap ended at 6:20 AM today...... I slept almost 11 hours, that's more than I get in two nights combined!!!!! I woke up totally glazed over and my hair looks eerily close to an old picture of Amy Winehouse. My greatest ambition for this morning is to shower and wake up after so much sleep, and try to look nice even though my Chi broke (which actually broke my heart a little as well).

I'll soon be hitting the road, cruising down the highway back to small-town-in-Texas and doing what I love... capturing moments people want to remember the rest of their lives. I feel really lucky right now (minus the fact I could guest star in The Addams Family).

I'll share sneaks when I get back home. Until then, enjoy one of my new favorite tunes, "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train.

Oh and PS. I have met Chuck Woolery who hosted "Love Connection" and I had no idea he was famous until he walked away and someone told me who he was. I used to watch that show when I was little. The song made me think of it, it wasn't totally random that I mentioned him.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

{memoir possibly}

There is no real reason for me to write a memoir. I'm not famous, I don't have an extraordinary amount of children, there are no significant scandals surrounding my life, and I have yet to be offered a role on reality t.v. However, I was perusing Barnes & Noble on Sunday to kill time while Avery had choir practice.... and I came across a book I very much wanted to purchase! It was all about how to write your own memoir. Still, I plan to go back and buy it, for my own personal enjoyment (yes, I am the geeky sort who actually LOVED homework and writing papers in my brief college experience). Though it will more than likely never see a publisher's desk or be laid subject to en editor, I will write this memoir.

Most recently I have considered writing "All The Famous People My Friends And Coworkers Have Met That I Have Not." A list that now contains Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, and Rose McGowan. I just can't commit to such lengthy list right now (and ever growing it seems). Although I did manage to sell candles to Jessica Alba (who is incredibly tiny in real life).

So then I toyed with the idea of "The Things My Kids Say Daily." Yesterday ruined that for me, because I really wouldn't want the world to know that I got a text from Avery that read "Masyn is SO disgusting!!!" to which I replied "that's not nice, what's up?" Avery's response..... "she's licking the walls." Yeah, that pretty much shot that idea down in an instant, at least it did for me.

Next was my thought to share my personal musings and observances from my many hours wasted people watching. Again, plan foiled. People have been far too rude lately for me to allow their negativity to encroach on my lighthearted memoir. Although it was recently suggested to me that I am "dark" and possibly "moody." Maybe I should give time to the idea of what I have surmised through people watching, maybe I can even write about the common misconceptions that we as humans place on each other and ourselves. Ah shoot, I'm really just not that smart, it took me like 3 minutes to just put that idea into words and I'm still not sure I expressed it in an ideal manner.

Okay this is really a silly post because as we all know, my memoir will never be more than an exalted diary because I will be the only set of eyes to ever read it... unless I leave it to my girls to read after I pass away. Yeah I think that's actually a good idea..... a memoir on "All The Things I Want My Girls To Know About Their Mama...Even The Not So Pleasant Things." The title could probably use some tweaking. ;-)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

{playing favorites} - austin area newborn photographer

Finished with all the proofing and picked out a few more favorite pictures from the session, as well as a few random lists of favorite things.


I love this blanket. It's one I purchased from Anthro after pining away for it for several months. Oh how happy I was to finally use it, I've been saving it for a newborn session.

Which evokes my list of favorite things bought from Anthro:

All my AG jeans.

My teal schlubby cardigan.

My red suede sandals.

Honey & The Moon perfume by Tokyo MIlk. The other day someone said I smelled like a cupcake, that made me feel good.

All my AG jeans.

The red poppy headband that makes me feel saucy.


A list of favorite memories:

Waltonia. It's a campsite my family used to visit every summer. Sometimes I smell things that make me feel like I am 8 years old and swimming in the river again.

These fizzy soda drinks that my aunt used to serve at parties. They had a city skyline on the label and I have no idea what they were, I just remember loving when we went to her parties because that was the only place I'd ever had such a yummy drink.

Racing my sisters and cousins to finish eating at my grandma's house and running to weigh ourselves after to see who gained the most. All I ever remember eating was chili and rice, which can really pack a punch in the weight gain department.

Giving birth to Evelyn. Not to trivialize the other two girl's entrances into the world, but Evelyn's was the most relaxed, special, and memorable of the three. Having her at home and going at my own pace let me take it in and enjoy each moment of the whole experience. I cherish it.

Wearing my grandpa's boots pretending to be a dwarf.

Staying up with Becca and talking all night until I made her fall asleep.


Favorite frivolous things:

Keeping my fingernails polished.

Teaching my girls to say silly things just to get a laugh.

Sunbathing in extreme heat. I love to feel the sun on my skin.

Frozen yogurt. Too much.

AG jeans.

Feeling my hair on my bare back. I have been growing my hair for years and this feeling makes it all worth the wait.

Reading books, all books.


Lastly, a favorite song... "Starlight" by Muse. Wow, I'm such a fan.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

{dream baby} - austin area newborn photographer

I have read and re-read the book "The Baby Whisperer." In the pages of that book there is described, a baby that is so good natured and happy that it will just go along with anything and hardly ever fuss. Tracy Hogg calls this the "Angel Baby." I met him Tuesday. This little guy was sleeping or just sort of taking it easy the whole shoot. His daddy moved him around and we woke him up, but he would just drift back to sleep, only fussing a little at the very end of our hour session. This little Mr. is most definitely the type of baby that every mother hopes for, and it was a privilege to photograph him. A huge "Thank You" to his beautiful mama and super helpful daddy for having me in your home to capture this precious stage of his life!

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

Also some music provided by a favorite band of mine, "Band Of Horses." Enjoy~


Friday, August 28, 2009


As promised, an update on why I hardly have time or photos to post.....

Really, have I slept at all? I don't think I have much, I have been both busy and excited...resulting in a very challenging sleep pattern.

The girls all began school this week and are really loving it! Avery is at a friend's house tonight, her first sleep over since moving, very big thing in the life of a 5th grader. I'm so proud of her making new friends so quickly and adjusting so well. Poor girl having to move SO many times at such a young age, I really hope she can stay in this school district for a long time, ideally graduation. :o)

News in my life is that I was recently promoted, so that's been super exciting! I am so thrilled because I love the team I work with, adore the atmosphere, and thoroughly enjoy the new tasks.

We hosted something special and the planning and event itself kept me hopping. It turned out perfectly. I only wish I had been able to take pictures to share on here. Just have to take my word for it, it was amazing. Candy for the eye to be sure.

I'm really working to build clientele in the new area, and then I will hopefully be able to share pictures with you all again. I miss shooting SOOOO much! My photography took a back seat all summer to my surgery and recovery, but now I feel ready to jump back in!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

fresh - {austin area newborn photographer}

I have been very lucky to have been asked to photograph a beautiful friend throughout her pregnancy. Yesterday was a most gratifying shoot....I got to snap pictures of her new little baby boy. He's so precious and still so fresh. I forget what it's like to see such a tiny baby and to hear their itty bitty wimpering cries. I really, really love my job(s)!!


His nursery is decorated with a western theme so this is to blow up for his wall.


Or perhaps black and white... I'm partial to the black and white.


Ray LaMontagne is singing one of my favorite mellow tunes "Empty."

Stay tuned for an update of why I've been SOOOO quiet lately...lots going on!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a little piece of my heart - {austin area photographer}

It's no secret that I have been shooting pictures of Masyn since the first day of her life, on at least a weekly basis. She is by far the most photographed of my girls because of her modeling days and her stint as my SFB spoke baby. :o) No matter how many times I take a picture of her, I still love seeing her smile so much it physically hurts me. I honestly believe she's got that "heartbreakingly beautiful" quality. Even with ketchup and food all over her face as seen below, she can steal my heart just by the twinkle in her stunning blue eyes. I love this girl so much, that even when she is absolutely a pill (and believe me, she can be!)... she still owns me and I would do anything in the world to see this sweet smile and hear her raspy little laugh.

{the smile that owns me}

Music musing is a fun song we've been having kitchen dance parties to lately, "Say Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti & Spearhead.


Monday, July 27, 2009

superfluous - {austin area photographer}

because sometimes, adding words is just more than is necessary....

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

one day when I am all grown up...these days I will recall and a smile will grace my lips.

Music musing is "Rave On" by M. Ward (Featuring Zooey Deschanel)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

open ~ {austin area photographer}

Sometimes I just like to sneak in a steal a picture while the girls are asleep. Evelyn had only just opened her eyes when I took this photo, after a long, and obviously satisfying nap.

I really love to open the windows, because in my opinion there isn't any better way to wake up than to a gorgeous light pouring in on clean linens. You can almost smell it in this picture, the soft scent of Tide and perfume that lingers on my pillow (which Evy is borrowing here). I hope she remembers it amorously when she is grown up. I have great memories of my own mother's pillow smelling better than anything in the whole house...

{pure light}

The song (when it loads properly), is "Glitter In The Air" by Pink. I very much fancy Pink's slower, heartfelt ballads.


Monday, July 20, 2009

exit - {austin area photographer}

SPC has me working this month, truly. Of course I am not sinless, I won't pretend that.. still this theme of "Seven Deadly Sins" is tricky for me. I'm very modest, yet I want to dive deeper creatively than I did last week. I want to try and capture something a little more outside my comfort zone.

Today I exited my place of security, I chose to try and shoot "lust."


I don't have anything clever to say, I'm still reeling from actually sharing this photo. However, I do have a gorgeous version of "She Is Love" by Parachute on my playlist for this shot.


Monday, July 13, 2009

the dark side of self portrait

It's SPC time..... here I go again with the narcissism. Not really, this time it's all about someone else.

The theme for July is "The Seven Deadly Sins." Kind of dark and creepy, not my style so much, but I can roll with it. I gave it some thought and what I came up with was "envy."


Not that I sit around wishing to be someone else, but given the chance to switch faces and/or bodies with someone else, it would certainly be Kate Beckinsale. There really isn't a single thing about her that isn't exactly perfect (her nose especially causes the green to rise in me a bit).

On to a more personal note. I'm DRIVING again!!!! My back is still stiff and sore at times, but I have made huge improvements and I can drive (sometimes it requires a Tylenol), I am narcotic-free, the physical therapist has added weights to my workout, I am able to lean back in chairs now, and a few other boring things that are milestones for me. :o) I'm quite excited about this and I will most likely be moving back to my favorite city at the end of this week! Austin, I miss you!

I have a music musing to share as well. I just purchased this song on iTunes and love it. The song is "I Don't Believe You" by Pink. She really has a strong voice, this song compliments it perfectly.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

and so we drench

It's how it has to be when you live in Texas and it's over 100 degrees every single day... swimming is a must. So here are some pictures of our little poolside spectacle.

the good, the bad, and the colorful ;)

Snow cones are pretty much a necessity in the summer. However, this was the first time Masyn and Evelyn had ever had one!
*Masyn would like to add a note here.... "All our tongues match our swim suits."
She is soooooo OCD.


So, we have this little game in the pool...basically I throw this wet ball and everyone else tries to catch it... (so much fun for me, let me tell you). Occasionally though, I get a helper who throws too, and this is Masyn's "throw face" that I just LOVE!! She is so intense and honestly, she has a darn good arm for a 5 year old.

self portrait with a portrait lens = up close and very personal

Yeah, yeah, I tried to take one of myself too, to prove that I was there during this time in the girl's life. I seriously think that they will question my existence one day because there are so few pictures of us together.....because I am always taking the pictures. *Note to self: Invest in a remote for The Beast.


Avery was soaking up some serious sun here. Everything about this is reflective, I swear my lens was screaming in pain when I took this picture. "Too bright Amelia, too bright!!" And I politely answered back "SHUT IT!"

cute before the storm

My darling little Evelyn Blair! She wears out pretty quick in the sun, so it's imperative that I snap her before she gets in the pool. If I miss that precious moment before she is submerged...all hope of a happy picture is lost, because either 1. her eyes are closed, or 2. she is crying to go get food.

{growing up}

Another picture of Avery (who, the little narcissist that she is since her P-word post, will be thrilled to see herself again).... looking way too grown up. I love this new phase in her life, but oh boy does it ever make me feel old!!!

Music musing selection is "Juicy" by Better Than Ezra.