Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it's almost here

{happy new year}

I can't believe Christmas is over, the New Year is just a couple hours away.... O - M - G, it's almost 2009!

The past couple weeks have been non-stop here. I've burned the road between here and my old town, washed more laundry than I even knew we owned, and watched the pile of dishes in my sink rise to ungodly heights. Tonight, I handled it with a family party and lots of fattening food. My girls are all still awake, running wild through the house, and waiting for the big ball to drop!

Reflections will probably happen soon, I just can't think right now, I am so physically and mentally worn down. From Christmas until now I have been really worn down by all that has been going on, I'm ready for a rest. Maybe one day I will get to take a vacation..... it's a lovely thought. I feel very ready for memory lane, a run-down of 2008 if you will. Tomorrow I will goal to make just such a list, in fact I'm wishing I had enough energy to do it now, but even if I had enough stamina to stay put and type it out, my girls are literally clambering for me to shut the laptop and rejoin the party!

May you all have a fantastic 2009! I can't wait to hear any resolutions and ideas you each have. Please comment with what the New Year promises you and what you promise to bring to the New Year!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas post

Since we will be out tomorrow with family celebrations and late night drives... I am posting this Christmas message today, second post in one day. Sorry!

{merry christmas}

There are my lovelies, my three little blessings all ready for their Christmas to begin. We have our own little thing here at home before attending both sets of grandparents on Christmas Day, so the girls were all anxious to finish pictures and get busy tearing into gifts!

Tomorrow is the beginning of mad rush of driving and events for me, I will probably not be able to compose a post for several days. I wanted to share a little Christmas letter before all that ensues though.

2008 has been a wild. emotional, wonderful year. Adonis and I moved halfway through 2008 and are now living near Austin and loving it. He has a job that is very demanding, but extremely rewarding and I'm so glad to see him enjoy work. I am working in downtown Austin and my favorite store and each day brings me new entertainment. I have the most amazing coworkers and the products continually make me drool.

Avery is now in 4th grade, she is loving her new school and has landed herself a spot on the jump rope team. Over the Christmas holiday she is putting together her won routine to perform! She is an amazing student and growing into such a young lady. In fact, she is getting shaving cream in her stocking, Santa told me so. ;o)

Masyn, who believes that she is turning 5 the day after Christmas, is super! She keeps me laughing all the time with her stories from school and her antics here at home. Tonight as we drove around looking at Christmas lights all we heard was her chattering the entire way, and when she didn't have a comment to make she would just begin to sing "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."

Little Evelyn, she is still in a rough phase with her obedience, but she is the kindest and cuddliest child. I treasure her so much. I spoil her way too much. Evelyn was given a fun haircut last month by my awesome big sis Lisa. Everyone at her school and anywhere we go just loves her "big girl" haircut. So Aunt Lisa, be proud... you are the biggest news in Evelyn's life right now. :o)

That's pretty much it, I think if you are reading this now, you must read my blog fairly regular and probably have known all along what has been going on in our lives. Thanks for being here with me through 2008 and helping me through my move and supporting me as I endeavor to start a business in a new place. I am grateful for you all, more than you will ever know!


un-christmas post

This post is not about Christmas... I'll do that tomorrow. Today, I am giving my meagre gift to one of my dearest friends of ALL time.

A Christmas Eve ode to my oldest friend, Emily K.

I officially met Emily when I was 12, I can't believe that now, over 10 years ago.... that makes me feel SO old, because in many ways it seems as though it's only been a few years. Thing was, we quickly learned that we had met before, years before! We sabotaged a sleepover of a mutual friend in response to being treated rather cooly by this mutual friend's cousin... we hid all the party favor bags under a table in the middle of the night. We bonded and it was meant to be that we should meet a few years down the road and become constant friends.

At 12 and 14, we were silly and immature, which seemed to make us unbearable to some and completely necessary for each other. I felt whole only when I was hanging out with Emily.

Emily was and is the most well rounded girl I've ever known. It was Emily whose cabinet held CD's of both Simon & Garfunkel and Greenday, that helped develop my bi-polar taste of music. ;o) She introduced me to many a Beatle song, was the first to take me to Hard Rock Cafe, and invited me to public school events. I think it's safe to say, that Emily was not only my BFF, but the one who helped me to emerge from my shell of childhood into my teen years.

Some of my favorite memories with Emily are playing paintball with all the guys, dancing in her room to "Footloose," trick or treating for the very first time, thousands of hours of boy-talk, singing on the way to Fiesta Texas with Tiffany, freezing our butts off at high school football games, and cruising around town in my sister's little blue car! There are so many more, years more.... I tear up just thinking about how much we have been through.

Emily and I have gone through painful times, we have fallen away from each other, refused to speak to each other, hugged the other in times of the most painful break-ups, and basically given Heidi and Lauren a run for their money in drama. Yet, through all we have lived out together, we remained friends. Even it we went years between phone calls or visits, when we meet up, we are a duo that can't be shaken. Every time I talk to her it's just like it was many long years ago sitting in her room rambling on until her parents had to come "shhhhh" us. We still have a close bond, and I am so grateful to say that we have finally learned how to better stay in touch. I'm super excited to see her in a few days and spend time with my buddy, my honorary sister, Emily.

This post is for you Emily, and when I see you, we will have to try and get a picture because I think the most recent I have of from my wedding.... almost 7 years ago! Eek!! I love you, see you soon~


Friday, December 19, 2008

i miss you sum-mer, oh yes i do....

I don't miss anything, as much as yo----u; when you're not near me, it makes me blue (more "opaquely white")... oh summer I miss you.

Thanks to my parents (especially my dad) I have seen "Bye, Bye, Birdie" faaar too many times and that song seems to apply to ever want/desire/dream/wish/... oh it just applies to everything. Cover all, that's what that song is. :o)

When I was younger I wanted to be Ann-Marget...and I still think she is GORGEOUS.

I miss the warm summer days so badly, I decided to post a tribute to them. Here is a shot from September, which is the second hottest month of the year in Texas (August RULES).

{sunnier days}

Oh just look at the rays in this picture shining down, I want to jump in it and tan myself and get all cozy. Also seems nice and cuddly because Masyn and Evelyn were being so sweet to each other. I love pictures of them together.

It's growing exceedingly difficult to drag myself from my warm bed each morning, it's the only time I feel like my blood is truly flowing in my veins lately.

This morning I am off to watch Avery have a jump rope show. Yes, her school actually has a jump rope team, which she officially made a spot on this week! She's so excited and I am so proud. I hope my camera will be able to snap well in her gym, I need a zoom lens! LOL

Later in the week I have some special pictures I am going to try and take of the girls all together, but it's so wild around here, LOTS of driving will be going on the next few days..... and I mean a GOBB! We have Christmas, work, and a wedding, ALL in one week, should be interesting!

Music musing is Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson singing "Sky."


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ridiculous cold

For the last 3 days I have been freezing. In a state of perpetual ice-statue like living, I can't seem to warm up. I'm not complaining totally, I mean, it is December and I realize that 30* isn't that cold to everyone. Forgive my whining. I'm merely crying about the fact that I personally can't seem to stay warm. I think I am broken, or at least my internal heater is.

The bright side (I wish that I could see the sun outside shining bright.... oh sorry distraction) is that it feels more like "Christmas" than ever. I'm baking today for a party at work and for teacher's gifts. Burning a yummy candle as well and I feel like I could just stay inside forever....and hopefully warm up. Nope...I will be out in the freezing weather in a couple hours to drop off the banana bread and visit the store with my girls. Their first time to Antho and I confess, I'm SO worried they might break something. *Blush*

Well, here is a favorite version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Zooey Deschanel and Leon RedBone.


Monday, December 15, 2008


Sometimes I just have to post a picture. I can't really explain the phenomenon going on in my head and heart aside from the L-word. I just love these kids so much and I think some pictures I take strike a chord inside me and capture the moments only I get to live and experience with these wonderful girls. I'm so grateful for their unique relationships, for how they are maturing and learning to cherish each other. Watching them play can bring me to tears and peels of laughter.... it's an adventure and emotional whirlwind that I wouldn't trade for the entire world.

{wake up and play}

See why I love them so much?! I'm so very blessed.

"I'd Rather Be With You" by Joshua Radin is my music musing selection tonight.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

nothing to show, just a lot to say


Many things have been said lately that have brought me to the point of laughter... the real "LOL." It seems now that I have a stockpile to share with you all, so hang in there with me as I give my best at recreating these moments so that you also might get a chuckle out of the things people have been saying to or around me.

Evelyn and Santa, two fun stories:

Enter Santa...

Santa" Hohoho, Merry Christmas boys and girls"

Evelyn: "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm tellin' you why...." *singing*

Later, on Santa's lap....

Santa: "What do you want for Christmas Evelyn?"

Evelyn: "A bag."

Santa: "What sort of a bag?"

Evelyn: "That bag" *pointing to his huge velvet satchel.

Advice to me:

Background info~ I was wearing some high heel saddle shoe oxfords the other day with tights... and yes, they are very tall heels, but worth the discomfort they cause by the end of the day.

Stranger (talking to me): " I admire that you can wear such fun shoes. After dancing and yoga, I just don't have enough fatty tissue on my feet to be able to wear those kinds of shoes anymore."

Me (stunned and wanting to laugh): "Oh thank you, they aren't the most comfortable, but I can manage since they have a wide heel to help me balance."

Stranger: "Well if you would do this balance pose from yoga (proceeds to demonstrate the pose for me) and hold it for a few seconds everyday, you will strengthen your weak ankles in a short time."

Me: "Thanks."

Wow, insulted twice in one chance encounter. Ouch. I am grateful though, because I have laughed about this so much, it was truly the funniest thing I've had happen to me in a long time.... seriously?!.... "fatty tissue?!?!" It was classic.

Avery on smoking:

Avery: "Does anyone in our family smoke Mama?"

Me: "Well, I know Aunt Lisa smokes a lot of drugs."

Avery: "Oh Mama... *long pause and quizzical expression*

Me: *un-repressed smile*

Avery: "... really?....

Me: "No, not that many."

Avery: "Oh Mama, you're so silly."

I might be damaging my kids. :o)

Masyn at Christmas party on caring for clothes:

Masyn: *runs up to me and announces dramatically* "Mama, someone just sat on my skirt! I don't think it tore, but I just wanted to let you know!"

Me: *taking off Masyn's sweater and finding a blob of chocolate* "Masyn, you got chocolate on your sweater."

Masyn: "Oh, it's okay."


Thursday, December 11, 2008

character inspiration

Evelyn is so full of character. She is funny, sinister, happy-go-lucky, silly beyond all reason, completely lovable, and pertinacious at times. Each time I snap a picture of her, it's a new face.


Inspired and challenged by a good friend, Nic, over on her clever blog... I am listing my top 10 (although I might fall asleep before I make it to ten) favorite movie characters of all time (OFF the top of my tired head).

In no particular order:

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) ~ Pirates of the Caribbean
Juniper "June" Pearl (Mary Stuart Masterson) ~ Benny & Joon
Jake Perry (Josh Lucas) ~ Sweet Home Alabama
The Phantom (Gerard Butler) ~ The Phantom of The Opera
Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) ~ The Godfather Trilogy
Dory (Ellen Degeneres) ~ Finding Nemo
Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) ~ Twilight
"Chris" the cross dresser (Liev Schreiber) ~ Mixed Nuts
Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) ~ Breakfast At Tiffany's
Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) ~ Hitch

A Christmas ditty by U2, one I consider an ALL time classic.


Monday, December 8, 2008

it's beginning to look a lo... a little like christmas

Well perhaps the Barbie tank and lime green shorts don't really look like Christmas, but it is looking a bit more festive here in my abode. As a family this Saturday we pulled out the Christmas tree and decorations and started getting things ready for the holidays!

{trimming the tree}

Masyn seems to believe that Summer is never ending, and dressed herself in shorts and a tank top.... I found that terribly endearing. I was shivering in pj pants and a long sleeve tee, but I do run a normal body temp of 94.5* so I guess maybe I am not the best weather gauge.

{trimming the tree}

Evelyn was all grabby and rearing to go. Though she had some interesting ideas about where to place the fake snow tree skirt....

{trimming the tree}

...over all she did quite well. However it is incumbent upon me to report that Mary and one shepherd are now missing from the nativity and Evelyn is prime suspect because she enjoys "creatively placing" all the Christmas decorations.

{trimming the tree}

This year our tree is hosting ALL the ornaments.... not just the color coordinated ones. My OCD was in overdrive and I had a very freeing day by allowing the girls to use even the mismatching tree embellishments. My confession though, is that I have always preferred homemade ornaments. So now I am making a goal to create handmade ornaments for next years tree that will all be fun and festive, but still look good together (semi-matching). Yes, I am trying to live the cliche of "have my cake and eat it too."

Lastly, I am opening myself to ridicule, sympathy, homogeneity, or potential demise of my blog altogether. I am sharing a self portrait that includes my messy living room. At least it's a fun picture, I can take the heat (in all honesty, I'm so cold lately that all heat is welcome).

{trimming the tree}

Don't you love Colbie Caillat singing "Mistletoe?" I love her music.


Friday, December 5, 2008

fingerprint friday

A sweet friend of mine and fellow blogger posted a very neat challenge on her blog. I want to join with Beki and share this fun and very uplifting idea of Fingerprint Friday.

From Beki's Blog~

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:
I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God

So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them? Here's how to join in:

1. Blog with your interpretation of God's fingerprints.

2. Be sure to link so others can find the entire list of participants! Go over to PamperingBeki's blog to add your link to the list of participants.

So here is where I see God's fingerprints today.

Except for a little fall here or there, maybe a scratch or cough, a few allergy battles, my girls are healthy. God's fingerprints are all over that. Adonis is currently helping to teach a student who is unable to attend school because of health issues. My hearts breaks for this child and the family. Each time I pray for them I am so grateful for the hand of God over my kids.

So Evelyn took a spill over some sidewalk chalk the other day and I snapped this picture of her "fake" crying" and I thought it was a nice shot to accompany the idea that they live through the bumps, bangs, bruises, and battles....and ultimately they are in the grasp of Someone so big and so Holy, I should not stress out.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

advice welcome

I feel like many of you might be wondering why all the wacky changes have been popping up on my blog the last couple days.... I have been trying to get a "fresh start" on my photography business (now that I am in a new city it's pretty difficult to find contacts since I don't know many people yet). Anyway, I'm in the middle of re-vamping my whole business image and making promo stuff. I also love change so I can't stick with one look for too long. I pretty much love things simple and clean, so I'm digging the new one now. What do you guys think though?

Today I will be heading to my doctor. Have been struggling to get my thyroid medication just right and I would so greatly appreciate prayers that things will go well today and I can get something that will provide more relief from my condition. I have a long drive ahead of me today to get there and I am really, really procrastinating the whole "get ready" part. I did want to write this little post first though, because I felt like I might have scared the ba-jeebers out of everyone with my bipolaristic redecorating on here.

Okay so the advice welcome title lends itself to the opinion of the new look I asked for above, but mainly I was hoping to get some ideas from any of you as to what you might look for in a photographer's advertising. I have always worked by word of mouth and I feel that's the main tool of photographers, but I need to develop some hand outs and cards... so what would strike you best? I'm thinking business cards since they are small and easily distributed, but then again post cards are nice. There will be a new website within the next few months as well, so what are your thoughts on that?

Am I too vague today? Forgive me, there are a million and seven things floating in my mind at this moment. First thing now though... get dressed and get myself to the doctor!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

officially fall

I am sorely late in posting, please forgive me. We went away over Thanksgiving and I didn't have access to wireless there. I did take a bazillion (yes, I realize that's not a rational number) pictures, so I am posting a few tonight in "preview." :o)




We just arrived home from a football playoff game that our team won, literally at the last second. It's been a super long week and especially evening so I will share stories soon of my Thanksgiving. Hope you each had a splendid holiday and are as excited about the lovely season we are in right now!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

the morning after

So it was, on this Friday morning after my 12:01 AM movie viewing with my sister and niece, that we sat and enjoyed loaded hot chocolate from Starbucks. I needed the "loading" because staying up until 3:00 AM and coming home to a wide awake 2 year old, I was totally wiped out the morning after! I guess it's old age. My hot cocoa, although lovely and delicious, could not wake me up fully.

This photo amuses me because it shows our drink orders, and my silly OCD'ness with the straw in my cup. The baristas always look at me like I'm crazy when I ask for a straw at the window or grab one on my way out.... What can I say, I'm a little quirky at times.

{the morning after}

It was worth the lost hours of sleep though. The movie *NO SPOILERS I PROMISE* was really good. I have mixed views on the cinematography (it felt a little like a cross between an after school special and the Blair Witch Project), but my main concern was blown away.

My biggest worry before seeing this film was that Edward could not be played by anyone... he is in my mind, the ultimate male character. Robert Pattinson realy impressed me and totally stole the WHOLE movie, he was brilliant and quite captured the heart and soul of Edward Cullen. Bravo Rob, bravo!

Music musing is Robert Pattinson himself, singing "Never Think" from the "Twilight" soundtrack.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


It has been mounting ALL week. I feel as though today will never end..... I am SO anxious/excited to see my sister and niece and watch "Twilight" with them!! *aaaaaahh!*

I haven't read the books to my girls or any vampire books for that matter. However, it appears that Masyn seems to naturally have a little vampiric blood in her... or so this picture suggests. ;o)

mini vampire

I love how she grabs Evelyn for pictures and even though it looks like she is strangling Evy, little Evelyn just giggles and laughs, so happy that Masyn wants to play with her. They fight at times, but it's really special to me how super close they are all the rest of the time. I love them so much.

Jason Myles is singing "Twilight Serenade" in honor of today's obvious occasion!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

self amused

Avery has trouble with money... she's got a mile long list of things she wants, but when she is given money for birthdays or holidays she is never sure what she really wants to do with it.

While I was out at work one day Adonis took the girls to the store, apparently it was quite an adventure. It was on that trip to WMS (Wal-Mart Store, WMS is the nice way a friend of mine refers to it) that Avery found and purchased "Sing Star 80's."

blog 80's

I hear her belting out "We're not gonna take it..." and "It's the...eye of the tiger..." and Masyn's deep and adorable voice can often be heard singing "...livin' in a material world...and I am a material girl." It's scary and comical, that's all I can say about that particular aspect of the game.

blog 80's

However, after relentless begging, I played the game. Yes, I started out with much hesitation because I do NOT sing well... seriously bad in fact. Still, within a few rounds I was dancing, singing, and getting some decent scores! Hurray, nice littl stroke to my suffering singing ego.

Yesterday was my shining moment though, I finally scored "Lead Singer" and it's pretty funny that I scored this on a song I just posted a while back that has been redone by Blake Lewis. "I Ran" the original version by Flock Of Seagulls, that's my top score. I'm very pleased about this, I guess that's apparent since I found it worthy enough to blog about (hmmm...I might need to up my criteria for blog posts eh?). *grin*

blog 80's

A lesson I also learned from this, is that my camera can't get pictures of my television.... sorry for the weird pic, but I had to validate my score somehow.

Music musing is the fabulous and favorite, Phil Wickham. The song is called "Cannons" and is on his latest album. He's amazing.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

looking forward

Consider this a backward version of my nostalgia posts. This is a small list of the things I am currently anticipating with great excitement~

The rest aren't really in any specific order, but this first one is definitely what I am the most impatient for...

can he be MY Edward?

A little over a year ago while substitute teaching at a high school, I was talking about books with another teacher. She said I had to read a series called "Twilight." There were 2 books available and a 3rd due out right away, so I got busy on the first one and finished it within 2 days. Book two was the same for me, I devoured it. I had to get on a waiting list for the third, but as soon as it came in, I read it in a night. Love.. I was in love with a character of a novel. The same teacher let me know that there was a 4th book being released one year later... Oh the agony of that wait, I can't even begin to explain. Finally, a couple months ago, I read the 4th and final novel "Breaking Dawn."

So what is it I am now waiting for so breathlessly? My fabulous sister and niece (both fabulous) are going to meet me for a midnight showing of THE TWILIGHT MOVIE!!!!!!! Writing cannot convey my true emotion, I'm not even able to sit still. The countdown is ON from now until November 20th!!

So that's number 1.

The rest, but as I said, in no certain order~

2~ A good storm, with thunder, lightening, and most importantly, RAIN.

3~ My next doctor's appointment. I think my thyroid is getting accustomed to my medication and I might need a higher dosage, so I am extremely ready to get that taken care of.

4~ Christmas. I know, I'm rushing the year...sorry.... it's just my favorite holiday and I can't wait to see how it is in a new place. I'm very excited about this holiday season.

5~ Photography gigs. I am so looking forward to lining up some new jobs, especially seniors, I miss them.

6~ Pumpkin everything.

7~ A cold front that is supposed to hit Austin this weekend. I will get to wear a coat... hurray!

8~ Tomorrow. I'm ready for tomorrow because I will be getting my hair done again... due to a scheduling error I was given the wrong product of deep conditioning today, so I get to go back tomorrow for the right one. I'm stoked.

9~ The next time I have a reason to wear fake eyelashes...that was just too much fun, I can't wait to need to use them again. Like that will happen anytime soon, but you can count on me looking for any excuse.

10~ This one is a biggie. I am ready for this afternoon.... it is my day off and I just returned from the library with 3 novels to read. I will have myself a short run (2 miles) and then shower, hopefully lather on some yummy lotion, wear my comfiest clothes, and snuggle in for a nice read!

Jason Mraz is providing the nice music musing today, it's his version of "The Rainbow Connection."


Monday, November 10, 2008

truth and 2's

I am well aware that 2 year olds are notoriously difficult. The name "terrible two's" has been a well earned title, I know this. Evelyn, however, has taken this to a whole new level in my family. Never before have I really felt the cliche of terrible two's applied to my girls. 18 months was tough and around 3 years it seemed they both went through a little phase of trying to find boundaries. 2 years old, not too much trouble.

Until now.

She's not bad, really. I just never expected that Evelyn would be so deviant. She's sneaky and also believes that rules do not apply to her. It's pretty tricky to deal with her, because I find myself wondering just how much she can understand. I think that I have been under estimating Evelyn though....

As an example, let me introduce item 1A as evidence to my case.

halloween candy

That is Evelyn's halloween candy from our church event. I placed the girl's candy in their own bags and labeled with their names. After meals I have been letting each one pick out a piece of candy, insuring the equality of candy distribution so nobody could gripe.

Please look closely now at exhibit 1B.....

halloween candy

The above picture is Masyn's bag of candy. The bag is also a plastic, one gallon, ziplock, yet it contains several more pieces than 1A.

A mystery surfaces and further confounds as we look next at photograph 1C.

halloween candy

That stout bag is Avery's. She has obeyed perfectly the rules regarding the eating of the candy. After delineation over the matter, the girls have all confirmed that Evelyn has been sneaking candy from her bag at various times when nobody has been looking.

Who would have guessed this innocent and precious girl could be such a fiend? Yes, she is definitely keeping me on my toes.

Music musing, Amos Lee singing "Sweet Pea." So fitting!

so typically 2


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

can't help myself

I love this girl... and not just because she's insanely gorgeous... because she is endearing in every fiber of her being. I love that she has been up 3 times tonight to go to the bathroom, and not once returned to bed without another hug and kiss. I love that she panics when her clothes touch her sister's.

...and after her long day at play, she's still my little beauty.

There was no possible way I could stop myself from sharing this picture tonight, I'm simply overwhelmed right now with how much I cherish my girl Masyn.


i ran

An update to my previous post:

I ran! Yes, I did my time, ran my 3 miles, and last night I did it again. Today will be another challenge, but I promise, it will happen.

So here is a very sad story. I was really wanting to plug in my iPod while running a week ago or something like that. I knew my iPod would need charging since I haven't used it from the time we moved until now (3 months!). So I get my iPod and alas, my charger is missing. That's right, charger is no where to be found and I can't use my little nano without power!

Here is a good song to run to, when I do find my charger I will be purchasing this on iTunes for's so peppy. Blake Lewis singing "I Ran."

* Added: It appears that my cute little media player is refusing to play "I Ran," so here is a shambly YouTube so you can understand what I mean about running to this song!


Monday, November 3, 2008


Tonight I seriously lack the motivation to run. I've been running 3 miles 6 days a week (unless hugely interrupted like last week). I know it's not a lot compared to most runners, but I feel it's a good, strong, driven goal for me.

When I am finished, it's always worth the effort, but getting myself on the treadmill is the biggest hurtle. All I want to do right now is curl up and read or maybe even get caught up on "The Hills" I have DVR'd... anything but run. Why do I feel like this? I love running, but my motivation tonight is super zapped.

I'm pretty much posting this so you can all know and hold me accountable to FINISH my run. Now I have to run because I would hate to have to come back and tell you all that I sat around and didn't run. Yes, it's a good thing to share my lack of energy, in hopes of gaining some encouragement and the little "push" I need to keep up my healthy habit.

Thanks for the vent, I'm off to pound the pavement (well, really treadmill belt).

Music musing is by Brett Dennen (yes, AGAIN). This song is called "When You Feel It," which tonight I don't "feel the desire to run" but this ditty might help that. :o)

A fun video.... to get me hyped about the treadmill....


Sunday, November 2, 2008

a day without boundaries

My girls have been in quite a lot of trouble lately. I wouldn't say I am a super strict mama, but I do require obedience. The past little while has been a very trying time with each girl in their own way... trying to push me and see what rules can be broken in a new place, that sort of thing. I've been feeling like a very bad mama, because it seems like all I ever say these days is "no" or "please stop" and let me not leave out "did you hear me say no?" *deep sigh*

Today I made it my mission to have a good time together...even if they weren't being nice, we were going to be chill and obey, the two can happen together I am convinced! It just takes some give and some take, and a healthy dose of creative insight.

So after nap, I allowed the girls to each pick out one candy from their new stash (separated into bags with their names so there is no fighting over who gets what). I had them take it outside and play on the porch while they ate their stickies and I cooked french toast.

...random toys and other pieces of live to play with...

That is the little cluster of some of the toys they were playing with... the baby is either Skylar, Madison, or Sophia, Evelyn called her something different every time I asked. Don't those names really tell you when Evelyn was born?! I giggled.

unicorn in a basket, where else would she sleep?

This is Unia, Masyn's unicorn. Where else would one place a unicorn for her beauty rest?

My next step was to avoid tabletop bickering that has been happening far too much these days. I chose the effective, yet cowardly route of "distraction." Yes, I let them eat outside with glass plates and all. French toast au natural proved to be a hit, there were NO arguments at dinner time tonight! YAY! *doing a little dance*

{dusty at dinnertime}

...and this might be the closest I get to a "good picture" of all 3 at once. I might even be forced to use this for our Christmas picture. LOL, that's a joke.

Check out Evelyn's feet, she refuses to wear her crocs on the right feet, so she always looks like her feet are turned out.

{french toes and skinned knees}

My life lesson learned today: Looking for the fun and positive will almost always kill the chance for negativity to rule the day.