Saturday, September 17, 2016

{ of all the hats } - yogi, writer, mama, wanna-be writer, austin, tx.

I almost bought an amazing, light grey felt hat.
It was beautiful, heather grey with a tan band.
When I tried it on I felt regal somehow, powerful.
My best friend was not wowed by it when I showed her, so I left it in the store.
I've been thinking about this hat for days and it's reminded me of all the hats I've owned, worn and seen.

When I was young I had a crush on someone who wore a Rockies hat, when they were a new team, I think '94.
My next hat fetish was the destroyed cowboy hat I bought at a gift shop in Port Aransas, TX.
I haven't been much of a hat person, I like my hair wild and natural, but every so often I love to sport more.
When I visited New York in 2009 I bought a green Yankees cap, shamrock and all, still my favorite cap.
I donned sun hats from Anthropologie with wire brims that were large and obnoxious when I worked there.
Somewhere along the way I purchased this fedora...

Amelia Raun 8.27-44

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...which is too big and after this photo shoot, has been epically destroyed.
I have a gorgeous Eugenia Kim hat I wore to ACL once, it's magical.
When it's cold I wear a beanie that says "Namaste" - cliche but true.

So I left the felt hat behind, because I thought I would never wear it.
Maybe I wouldn't wear it, but I have regret, I wanted that hat.
It reminds me of all the times I have stepped out of my comfort zone and been a little mad (pun completely intended).
For some hats are a cover, something to hide behind.
Bald men afraid to show their scalp.
Girls covering their extensions.
Bros being all bro'y.
For me a hat is bold.
When I wear a hat it feels bold, like an open ended question.
I wish I would have bought that grey hat.